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"The disappointment"
Moshu portrait.png__________________________________________
Name: Xu Moshu
Nicknames: Mo/Moshi… Shoe?
Race: Vhyranni (Furred)
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Physical Appearance:
Her body is covered head to toe in charcoal-black fur, with tints of a jade green coming from the few scales which lay protectively on the bridge of her nose, shins, and the back of her forearms. Giving her a well-rounded Eastern dragon appearance.
Hair: A snowy-white mane covers the top and back of her head and continues to run down to the back of her neck. Generally being always well maintained, brushed through, and have braids which neatly flow down. Besides such, She also has two straighten horns which flow off from the back of her head and peer out from the mane.
Eyes: Her sclera is a piercing ruby-red whilst her iris is a golden sulfuric yellow, with slitted pupils being dotted in the middle of the eye.

Bodybuild: After years roof-jumping, being on the run, and fighting her way out of most situations, Moshu has developed a an above-average muscle that suits her Athletically built life-style.
Weight - 198lb
➢ Height - 7ft

Clothing: Moshu tends to wear regal clothing. Always dawning a crimson cloak with golden Tiberan cloud decals sprinkled at the ends. Underneath her cloak she wears a white-colored shirt which is tucked underneath the sash that wraps around her waist. Hints of gold appear on her attire as well. Having golden rings on her right horn, Earring loops which dangle from her animalistic ears, as well as some golden pins which hold up her well-kept mane and maintain the shape of her braids.
Additional Details: Some notable features Moshu as pertained would be first most her right missing hand, which is now replaced with a new hand by magical means. Having the same functions as a normal hand- but is demonic in nature. Not only that but after the plentiful battles and horrors she has been through during darroway, she has collected plenty of deep scars along her body. The more notable ones would be on her right shoulder blade and a claw mark ranging down from her eyebrow down to her left cheek.
Inventory Description:
Moshu generally has these Items specifically always and/or most of the time on her. Either sheathed on her silken Sash around her waist or are put away on a small leather Satchel like purse which is clipped onto one side of her hip via a tucked away Leather belt.
-Dark Changdao (Event Item)

-Frost Fang (Dirk Dagger) (Event Item)
-Forbidden Tome (Event Item)
-A small Journal with a pencil.
-Flint fire-starter
-Ebony comb

-A coin pouch filled with at least 25-50TG
Primary Skill:
Omi discipline
The Omi are criminal yet adaptable people. Taking the skills of a Shogun warrior and turning it on it’s head for a more unhonorable combat style.

Being born into the Omi, Moshu would have gotten explicit training on being just an asset to her peers. Having to learn to defend and fight amongst multiple people at once but also had to strike silently when having to do a job which called for a quick kill. Even after moving from Te'jin to Darroway. She has kept with what she has learned for all these years and It wasn't until a recent punishment by the guard did Moshu have to improvise and train for months with her closest friend- Nikati, on one-handed combat until she found a suitable replacement for her missing right hand.

Secondary Skills:
Magic (Shadebinding)

Dragon Den
Allows a place to be Dragon-marked and protected from getting broken into.

Dragon Lineage (INACTIVE)
All Vhyranni’s have a Draconic Lineage, but their powers from it are not yet discovered.

Omi Discipline (Unique)
Two-handed sharp weapons (Changdao/Odachi) +5
One-handed sharp weapons (Wakizashi/Dirks/Daggers) +3
Unarmed combat +3



Child of Greed/Warlock magic (Special perms. To be changed in the future when looked over by the lore/event team, but to keep it documented this is what it consists of. Google Doc linked HERE)
[Child of greed]

[Putrid Bolt]
[Black Rain]

[Becoming You]

Moshu gathered this hobby after needing and wanting more materials to use for her Alchemy. Because of this, she found that if she made her own cultivation of plants that there would be no need on going out and trying to forage the wilderness.
It is common knowledge that Vhyranni are typically greedy in their own right. Moshu however, does not over-rule this acceptation as she uses pickpocketing as a way to deal with this unsensational urge to take what she thinks should rightfully be hers. And due to having done it for years, It became something she considers a hobby and something to do during her pass time.
➢ Te’jin (T’J) Fluent: because of the language being native Dojin; Moshu would have to constantly use it within the borders of her family and community. Making Ten-jin the first language Moshu has learned.

➢ Common Fluent: due to average knowledge which was passed down from just general conversation. Considering to be her 2nd more fluent language.
➢ Draconic (DC) Rough: due to the fact Moshu didn't get to speak it often and generally learned it from most of her Vhyranni friends back in Dojin.
Personality & Attributes:
Generally Chaotic Neutral but can deviate time to time to Neutral Evil

  • Observant - “Over-looking even the littlest of details in your surroundings can be detrimental t’any plan you could make.. Without looking where you step, you are just a blind man ready to trip.
  • Strong-minded - “A job well done can only happen if you manage t’stay towards the Light.. If fear devours you, you’ll become that of a coward.. Yelping out pleads like a dog with their tail tucked between their legs.
  • Adaptable - “Sticking to the same routine will only lead to predictability. But if you are able to keep your mind nimble even during a Life and death situation and manage to go outside the box, a hefty advantage is to be made.
  • Self-centered -“When you feel your heart begin to beat it’s final beat, It comes into play.. It is either your own survival or the others survival.. And with th’amount of fools you can encounter everyday.. I prefer my own hide rather than theirs until they proven t’be a valued asset.. Which cannot be replaced.”
  • Greedy -“I’ve always had a thing for collectin’ trinkets.. Increasin’ my horde, but sometimes the temptation of others’ wealth is all to unbearable to watch it go t’waste in their hands.. Surely I’ll make use of it better than them, no?”
  • Dishonest - “Lies can be a powerful tool when under the scrutiny of the crowd’s eye. But it takes time for one to truly master the Art of Deceit without it collapsin’ apart.”

Moshu was born in the city of Dojin and was thrown into a Makamuran mafia (Namely known as the Omi) by blood in the year 462, due to a strange occurrence within her bloodline. In earlier years, the 'family' knew the mother responsible for Moshu's appearance ran off for some time, but didn't think much of it until she returned, barring the furred child in arms. Mostly everyone who was there for the surprise arrival was quick to express their dissuaded feelings. Leaving an everlasting opinion stapled onto Moshu's title as "the impurity" or "bastard child" amongst the family. But luckily, even with such a viewpoint being followed by many, the elders saw Moshu's existence as a "bundle of opportunity" rather than some tainted blood. With the newly found idea that the child could be useful, they took the time to train Moshu as one of their elite tool for thievery, smugglery, and any other job which might have required a sly hand. But with such training came with downsides that pertained to Moshu's personality and expression that generally silenced her words and her body language. The only time her obedient shell faded was when she spoke towards her mother and a few close childhood friends. Showing the ones who she cared about most the complete flip-side of her personality that would eventually bloom into Moshu's rebellious tendencies as she started to reach Adolescence.
It wasn’t until Moshu hit the age of around 15 to 16 when she started to gain her own independence and a sense of morals. But this of course was still heavily influenced by the elders and her mother. Both telling opposite sides of an ever-folding story, which would end up leaving Moshu in a barrier of conflict within her mind and affected her personality with the lingering sense of self-doubt towards each action she took. As years passed, a fight eventually broke out between her and her mother. The argument consisting of her mother urging Moshu to leave the Omi with her, something which was heavily against the Vhyranni's wishes and because of such, led to the all too common teenage rebellion that compelled Moshu to side with the elders. After that night, her mother was never seen again.. with rumors circulating around her supposed execution within the family. Meanwhile, Moshu went off onto her own darker path. Using the rest of her adolescent years of serving directly to the Omi's needs.
Upon hitting her 20s, Moshu was deep in finishing out deeds she was given from the family, community, as well as the elders above her. Regularly pouring out as much work as possible so she could gain trust and reputation within her bonds. In the effort to remove her tainted title and outlook as an untrustworthy mongrel. Luckily through the hard work she crafted, she would manage to gain trust towards one of the elders and be granted an opportunity for what she deserved a few years later; A higher ranking title and with it, a bit of power-greed. But first, she had to gain it through one more order given by the elder, called a “Blood Oath”, which usually was used for members to prove their voice should have more of the utmost importance. With this new goal in mind, Moshu set off later that night to do as she was told. The oath itself was simple- smuggle out supplies off an Amyrian cargo ship and transport it to an awaiting high-paying customer to collect their side of tribute. Seeing how something was familiar to Moshu, the starting progress of transporting the contraband was something of ease. It wasn't until half-way through that one of the transported crates collapsed onto the stone floor- where the cracking of wood ruptured through the night's silence and alerted all those nearby. It'd only be seconds for a sudden urgency to spread across the dock's guardsmen as they took notice of such contents being sprawled across the floor and the Vhyranni which was caught red-handed in the middle of her stealing act. Out of panic, she quickly dropped everything she had and bolted- commencing a chase that would land her into a situation where her only get-away was to leap off the edge of docks and board a moving ship. The only problem was, the ship she landed on was the “Wayfinder” and became her mistaken token trip to the uncharted lands of Darroway.


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Looks good. I'd scan it over for a few minor grammar mistakes here and there and look at your tenses, but other than that the content of the application is good and the character is interesting. Approved.


"The disappointment"
OKAY ahem editted a lot here so here we go.

-Added Languages and why she has them
-Edited my Profession/Proficency & Hobbies to include the new Weapon System in place.
-Added 2 Magic spell in a hobby slot now that Trickery magic exists ;D
-Did minor tweaks to the Backstory to flow better as well as include the new Makamuran Lore that was put out ;3. But the plot is generally the same as it was last time.

Anyways ;o; Marking the character for a re-review to make sure everything I put down is good!

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"The disappointment"
So uh- fshsh sorry I haven't used the magic yet really and came up with a better future ideas. so a fixed the magics to go more full shape-shifter and can be more upgraded for the idea I had for the future. Will be creating a Magic application of course for the upgrades ideas ;D



"The disappointment"
Updated to the new Magic Cantrips and Matrial Disciplines!
Side note: I talked to Hoch and such and got the okay to use Special perms and Cantrips until my special perms gets a look through.


"The disappointment"
Finger drums

I Introduce the new Moshu! Here's what has all updated.
>Changed everything onto the new character formating for Character sheets.
>Changed Magic to Shadebinding
>Made her Discipline into a Unqiue one. Taking Inspiration from the Shogun and Cutthroat Disciplines. Mainly thinking it'll just be indivual due to how it's more of a tighter niche with the current Makamuran Lore.
>Fixed up Physical appearance and Inventory all the way around and is now updated to what she has and what she looks like in present day.
>Updated Personality to the new formatting.
>Removed Relationships entirely They are hard to keep up with man :o

>Removed Pronoucation to Moshu's name because.. chinese names are really hard to convey to English pronoucations. xD
Things that haven't changed or have been changed but will get tweaked with later after Lore is properly Rewritten.
>Life Story will most likely have to go under some changes. For now it's staying the same as it was before the update.
>Abilities will likely will have to change at some point to fix up the Prior magic she had before Owner-switch (Warlock magic). As well as having to fix up Racial abilities once Vhyanni's have been updated.
>Personality! I'm still not quite sure with what I have written down and will most likely continue to be tweaked until I am happy with it. And who knows if being untrustworthy will be a continuous trait still given to Vhyranni later down the road.
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