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Basic Information.

Name: Xu Moshu (Pronunciation; Hsu Mo-shu)
Nicknames: Mo/Moshi/...Shoe?
Race: Vhyranni (Furred Dragon)
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Visual Information.

Physical Appearance:

Moshu is a full-fledged Furred Vhyranni. Physically looking like an eastern lung-dragon taking a humanoid shape, with a slightly above-average muscle mass that gives her an athletically built figure. Her fur coat is naturally deep, midnight black with a few tints of shining iridescent green peering out from the scales which protectively line the top of her forearms, shins, and the bridge of her nose. The only other colors which pop out are the bright snow-white that takes on her hair-like mane and the tip of her tail; As well as her sulfuric, golden yellow irises within her glossy red sclera.

Clothing Description:

Moshu tends to stick with a traditional regal look. Always donning a fiery red-orange cloak with golden Tibetan cloud decals at the bottom of her cape. Alongside she usually wears a white shirt tucked beneath a dark grey sash which wraps around firmly against her abdomen. A silver circular plate attached to the middle of the sash alongside a red knitted rope that follows the sash around her waist.

Other minor clothing pieces Moshu has is the golden piercing that lines her faun-like ears and a ring that wraps around her right horn. There are also two-ring pins in her mane which upkeep the braid she usually has on the back/side of her head.

Inventory Description: (subjected to change)

Skills and Hobbies.


Moshu’s past was filled with being a criminal member in the Makamura society as her general profession, Making her decently well-rounded in the crafts of crime and theft. But most importantly, She picked up a Proficiency in the art of the Shogun Discipline.


During her free time, she began to develop a few hobbies which still stick with her to this day.

Thievery: Inclined by her Criminal and Vhyranni Origin, Moshu has always been one for snatching things which aren't hers. Whether this be through pickpocketing or blatant break-ins.
Magic: Moshu has been a bit magically inclined- Developing it more throughout her career and generally kept up with it as a curious hobbyist.
Alchemist: Oddly enough, when Moshu wasn't busy with her family nor in the amidst of thievery. She would have been taking her time experimenting with herbs and in general Flora. Making a pathway to a huge driven passion learned from her family, on the craft-making of powerful alcoholic drinks and Chemicals.


------------------------Shogun Discipline------------------------
1d20+5 - Changdao
1d20+3 - Liuyedao
1d20+3 - Unarmed

-------------------------(T1) Arcanology-------------------------
-Arcane Rise
-Arcane Reach
-Arcane Force

-Special Perm Magic Abilities------------------
Magic Abilities and descriptions can be located here;
Magic document

More spells might be added in the future...
-[Becoming you]

-[Child of Greed]
-[Profane bolt]
-[Black Rain]

● Te-jin (TJ) - Fluent because of the language being native Dojin; Moshu would have to constantly use it within the borders of her family and community. Making Ten-jin the first language Moshu has learned.
● Common - Fluent due to average knowledge which was passed down from just general conversation. Considering to be her 2nd more fluent language.
● Draconic (DC) -
Rough due to the fact Moshu didn't get to speak it often and generally learned it from most of her Vhyranni friends back in Dojin.

Personal Information.

Personality & Attributes:
Generally, Moshu is a conflicted individual with her emotions. Her main personally being that of a serious but snarky type tone, and due to that, makes her naturally tries to point out the obvious. Luckily this attitude becomes more tuned to seriousness when given an order or task by someone she considers "High Authority". Another notable attribute of Moshu is the fact she tries to help out anyone she can in attempt to upkeep her reputation as a trusted Vhyranni. But even with her constant good deeds, she tends to fall short. Having slip-ups of greed and pride that compel her to follow those who lead crime.

Life Story:
Moshu was born in the city of Dojin and was thrown into a Makamuran mafia (Namely known as the Omi) by blood in the year 462, due to a strange occurrence within her bloodline. In earlier years, the 'family' knew the mother responsible for Moshu's appearance ran off for some time, but didn't think much of it until she returned, barring the furred child in arms. Mostly everyone who was there for the surprise arrival was quick to express their dissuaded feelings. Leaving an everlasting opinion stapled onto Moshu's title as "the impurity" or "bastard child" amongst the family. But luckily, even with such a viewpoint being followed by many, the elders saw Moshu's existence as a "bundle of opportunity" rather than some tainted blood. With the newly found idea that the child could be useful, they took the time to train Moshu as one of their elite tool for thievery, smugglery, and any other job which might have required a sly hand. But with such training came with downsides that pertained to Moshu's personality and expression that generally silenced her words and her body language. The only time her obedient shell faded was when she spoke towards her mother and a few close childhood friends. Showing the ones who she cared about most the complete flip-side of her personality that would eventually bloom into Moshu's rebellious tendencies as she started to reach Adolescence.
It wasn’t until Moshu hit the age of around 15 to 16 when she started to gain her own independence and a sense of morals. But this of course was still heavily influenced by the elders and her mother. Both telling opposite sides of an ever-folding story, which would end up leaving Moshu in a barrier of conflict within her mind and affected her personality with the lingering sense of self-doubt towards each action she took. As years passed, a fight eventually broke out between her and her mother. The argument consisting of her mother urging Moshu to leave the Omi with her, something which was heavily against the Vhyranni's wishes and because of such, led to the all too common teenage rebellion that compelled Moshu to side with the elders. After that night, her mother was never seen again.. with rumors circulating around her supposed execution within the family. Meanwhile, Moshu went off onto her own darker path. Using the rest of her Adolescene years of serving directly to the Omi's needs.
Upon hitting her 20s, Moshu was deep in finishing out deeds she was given from the family, community, as well as the elders above her. Regularly pouring out as much work as possible so she could gain trust and reputation within her bonds. In the effort to remove her tainted title and outlook as an untrustworthy mongrel. Luckily through the hard work she crafted, she would manage to gain trust towards one of the elders and be granted an opportunity for what she deserved a few years later; A higher ranking title and with it, a bit of power-greed. But first, she had to gain it through one more order given by the elder, called a “Blood Oath”, which usually was used for members to prove their voice should have more of the utmost importance. With this new goal in mind, Moshu set off later that night to do as she was told. The oath itself was simple- smuggle out supplies off an Amyrian cargo ship and transport it to an awaiting high-paying customer to collect their side of tribute. Seeing how something was of familiarity to Moshu, the starting progress of transporting the contraband was something of ease. It wasn't until half-way through that one of the transported crates collapsed onto the stone floor- where the cracking of wood abrupted the night's silence and alerted all those nearby. It'd only be seconds for a sudden urgency to spread across the dock's guardsmen as they to take notice of such contents being sprawled across the floor and the Vhyranni which was caught red-handed in the middle of her stealing act. Out of panic, she quickly dropped everything she had and bolted- commencing a chase that would land her into a situation where her only get-away was to leap off the edge of docks and aboard a moving ship. The only problem was, the ship she lands on was the “Wayfinder” and became her mistaken token trip to the uncharted lands of Darroway.
Lover | Family Friend | Friend | Like | Neutral | Dislike| Hated | Despise

Nikati - "Met her ever since I landed on this Island. We had our ups and downs as well.. and even at one point I pushed her away as a mere backstabber- one I could not trust with my word.. but after suffering through the same pain together and have seen her sacrifices for me. I now know that I have her Loyalty, and I plan on giving my own. Together, even with the aching thought of what they have done to us friend, I'm sure we will push through and end up on top."

Te'rle - "Even throughout my toughest days, Te'rle has been there to help me slay Eden and continues to this day to give Nikati and I support while the rest of the town disregards our existence. On top of that, He wasn't quick to judge like the others.. Something to be noted in this forsaken Island."

Castien- "While I am not a fan of elves in particular, this one has shown to be trust worthy by keeping his word. Not many do that anymore- here in Hope's landing..- and because if that, he has my respect. I hope for a future where our friendship will only prosper as we inch closer to the Horizon."

Frog - "Not sure how much he likes me now, but I hope we can stay friends.. I know he means no harm and it was in my wrong to harm him the way I did through my deceit. Only time will tell if he still accepts me as a Friend or has decided to make me a new Foe."

Terken - "One of the many few which decided I was some "Cultist".. And without listening to me with any thought, took my only source of Hope, my /tome/. And ever since the incident, He has bothered me of such like some obsessive freak. Only mentioning of "using" me.. he cannot be trusted, nor do I ever wish to speak to this Elf."

Sebastian - "I was wrong about ever trusting him.. for he has only given me suffering each time I tried to help him out, and it's only now did he finally passed the line for me as he showed his true colors of intent. I'm afraid that even if he got his heart by this point.. there is no turning back for the things he has done, starting with his death threats and ending with his own ill mind which have twisted my words to shape his own corrupted thought on the world."


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Looks good. I'd scan it over for a few minor grammar mistakes here and there and look at your tenses, but other than that the content of the application is good and the character is interesting. Approved.


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OKAY ahem editted a lot here so here we go.

-Added Languages and why she has them
-Edited my Profession/Proficency & Hobbies to include the new Weapon System in place.
-Added 2 Magic spell in a hobby slot now that Trickery magic exists ;D
-Did minor tweaks to the Backstory to flow better as well as include the new Makamuran Lore that was put out ;3. But the plot is generally the same as it was last time.

Anyways ;o; Marking the character for a re-review to make sure everything I put down is good!

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So uh- fshsh sorry I haven't used the magic yet really and came up with a better future ideas. so a fixed the magics to go more full shape-shifter and can be more upgraded for the idea I had for the future. Will be creating a Magic application of course for the upgrades ideas ;D



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Updated to the new Magic Cantrips and Matrial Disciplines!
Side note: I talked to Hoch and such and got the okay to use Special perms and Cantrips until my special perms gets a look through.


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