What's Your Character's Theme Music??????


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Hey cool people! I always loved doing these kinds of threads so I thought I'd make one for you guys!
What's your character's theme song? It could be something that connects you to them because of the lyrics, the tune, or just the general feel of the song!

Auren's Theme
For Auren, I always imagine a sort of swampy undertone to his theme. As much as he acts above everyone, he was still born and bread in the swamp and holds true to that value. With his tendency to make deals with the darker forces of the world, even sacrificing his own body to do so, I felt a more sinister theme fit Auren!

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Juntaro's Theme
For Juntaro, he's very obviously inspired by Edo period Samurai with old fashioned honor tied into the mix. Although it is unknown to most, his tragic backstory makes him who he is and I feel that added a lot when I was determining what theme generally fit his vibe.


I can't wait to see what everyone posts for their characters! It helps me get an insight into what
the player sees their own creations as and I find it very interesting! Plus it's just very fun!

A lil secret for you guys but here's The Jester's theme


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Bird Set Free or Titans
For the first song it reflects her emotional turmoil she consistently faces as she has to deal with a lot of conflict within her own mind and a lot of the times when she is able to reclaim focus over her own consciousness it is a feeling akin to that of a bird set free. For the second one I use when shes in battle mode, as it makes me hyped up tbh
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Vor'nir's Theme
"People can misunderstand kindness for weakness, we look to those that are 'holy' and are supposed to see the good aura they bring. I see them for what they are, morally questionable heroes with a medal that says they did good... I see power, and I see untapped potential, and soon, I will grasp it."



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So, here we are! I wasn't sure of what vibe I wanted to use for my character, so I actually had my fellow hyperactive rat help me choose.
Either way, here you go! This was our best shot. Each color is a different song!



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Wow uhm what a banger post idea. Is it bad I expected a sekiro song for Juntaro? Anywho, here's mine...

Gin - Cigarette by Princess Chelsea
I love the ethereal, echoey themes of this song. I think it captures Gin perfectly, with the soft singing over the creepy, almost melancholy music.
I imagine Gin reaching out with her softness, only creeping her clawed fingers to try and control instead.
An alternative theme would also be Problems by Mother Mother.
The more literal lyrics are very accurate to Gins experiences and character....

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