We all lift together


Psyduck Lover
"On this may we remember the fallen, the injured and the scarred. May we remember the past, the present and in the calmness plan for the future. In love may we unite, for separated we are weak. Together may we lift. May we all lift together. In Te'fil, mother to children born in her image from the garden and to those who open their hearts in order to follow in her footsteps I offer this prayer to you for good health and protection in these dire times."

Upon the noticeboard would be a poem would be inscribed below the prayer.
I taste an emptiness of love

and weep from pain, in loss befall.
Hope flees in fields of light above
when time casts me its eternal pall.

As darkness dims the flame of life
with words of love left never said,
Could one escape this misty strife?
Does peace live only with the dead?

I marched to anthems meant for kings
and bled for cause, as told I must.
What voices now with courage ring,
as I lie face down in the dust?

While glory waits as cities burn,

who'll chant for me if I return?

"Another meditation session will be held tonight within the townhall once more. During this session when we are all gathered I will usher a moment of silence for the fallen, and in that silence we will all pray for their souls safe passage. I ask you all to come only if you know you are able to compose yourself to put aside all ill intent, to not usher a word that might enrage one another. To not disrupt this time due to pettiness. I welcome all with open arms and look forwards to see your faces once more."
- Signed Ankthia, Sacred Sage of Protection

The meditation session will begin at 4:30PM EST and will be held once more within the townhall.