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Hello! This is the Waymaker portal for players to join in on the lore writing project for the wiki! Essentially, we’ve gathered together a list (linked below) of available topics that we think would be advantageous for players to write.

Each topic is accompanied by a short 1-2 sentence brief that should let you get an idea of what that topic entails. If you are interested in the topic, you fill out the application below, sharing what sort of direction you want to take with this piece of lore, before either sharing it to me on discord or posting the application here.

Once you do, if your application fits what we’re looking for, I’ll mark you down as having claimed that topic, before I message you the full prompt, all the information mentioned about the topic so far, and the formatting guide for the wiki.

You will then fill out the formatted page, before sending it back to me, where me or Percuriam will go over it to make sure it doesn’t provide too much of an advantage to an existing character or to make sure it is up to our Quality Standards of lore compliance, writing quality, etc.

If it all fits, up onto the wiki it goes!
Link to the Lore Prompt List

▹ Application for Lore Prompt Writing

Minecraft Username:
Prompt Category (eg. Location, Flora):
Claimed Prompt:
Your Vision/Pitch for the Article:

Note: If you do not see a topic on the list of potential topics to write, don’t worry, it was likely slotted for staff development.
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Minecraft Username: HereticTakao
Discord: HereticTakao#0184
Prompt Category (eg. Location, Flora): Religion
Claimed Prompt: Te'fil Cultism
Your Vision/Pitch for the Article: I want to make this religion have a lot of witchcraft vibes and maybe even rename it as a whole to remove the negative connotation of "cultism." Geometrically perfect circles of flower petals when praying, athames used for blood-spilling rituals, etc etc. Just a lot of nature-worshipping, witchcraft, and Te'fil idolism.


Minecraft Username: Gildefyre
Discord: Gildefyre#7181
Prompt Categories (eg. Location, Flora): Historical Events, Locations, Religion and Philosophy.
Claimed Prompts: Amyrian Purges, Chapel of the First Light, Chapel of A Thousand Lights, Church of Crystalline Radiance.
Your Vision/Pitch for the Articles:

- Church of Crystalline Radiance: The Church of Crystalline Radiance means very different things to very different people, and indeed, each of the Seven Prophets was granted their own insight into the Light. To the average Amyrian subject, the Church preaches the holiness of poverty as accepting an immaterial existence in an immaterial world. To the wealthy of Amyria, the Church proclaims that in a world of greed and inheritance, piety, pilgrimage, and steadfast guardianship of the Light are the only means by which salvation can be attained. To the scholars, the tirelessly toiling theologians of the Church itself, the Light is allegorical, the Crystal is coded language, and the search for identity and knowledge requires that one refract themselves and the world around them, just as crystal splits and bends light into billions of shades. To the inner hierarchy of the Church, the High Pontiff and a few chosen officials, there is an end goal: restoring the Light, the purest Light, by binding the billions of colors back into One before it is too late.
- Chapel of the First Light: The CoFL is small enough to be a village chapel, seating perhaps only two dozen worshipers. Significant chunks of the original wood and stone structure had already rotted away by the time of its rediscovery by the Seven Prophets. The stones themselves have been eroded, though some etchings in old High Amyrian can be made out. It is, in all ways, unremarkable and underwhelming to anyone who has seen the Chapel of a Thousand Lights- save for the shadows of the Seven, permanently and implacably burned into the masonry, capturing the exact moment that the Heart of the Lady was revealed unto them.
- Chapel of a Thousand Lights: The CoTL is a truly gargantuan endeavor to maintain and expand, dominating the landscape such that it can be seen from miles about in any direction. A complex, hidden, and blindingly expensive system of mirrors, lenses, and magical components illuminate each room from every angle even after night has fallen- no shadow falls within the Cathedral. The walls glow. The ceilings glow. The floor glows. Blindfolds are worn to prevent pain to the eyes, the dark, see-through fabric just dense enough to capture the glare. A series of light-focusing channels direct the sunlight which touches the central tower into a subterranean chamber deep, deep, deep below the rest of the complex, where only the Lady High Pontiff and a few select others are permitted to enter. There is no bell large enough to keep the time, nor any number of men strong enough to pull such a rope, and so the hour is marked by a ray of light which ascends from the central tower into the sky, brilliant enough to attract the attention of all.
- Amyrian Purges: The Amyrian Purges are more than a political and religious cleansing of the Amyrian state, they are driven by a deeper, more urgent, metaphysical purpose outlined in the most secretive doctrines of the Church of Crystalline Radiance. Incalculable amounts of planning, resources, research, and training have been allocated into this effort, because if the Purges fail, if the wars are not won, the world is done.

Time is running out.


PS: I see that Church of Crystalline Radiance is already claimed, but even before getting whitelisted, I've had a unique idea for the Church that I believe stands very strongly on its own, so I will be submitting for that prompt regardless. My vision for the CoCR bleeds into my interpretation of all the other prompts, creating a single cohesive narrative in addition to stand-alone lore pieces.
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Minecraft Username: The_Grosskomtur
Discord: Weaponcraft#8577
Prompt Category (eg. Location, Flora): Metallurgy and Mineralogy
Claimed Prompt: Entire Minerals & Metals section(Stosnon, Kurosteel, Makamuran Hagane, Scraploid, Dwarish steel, Gemstones) and Metallurgy
Your Vision/Pitch for the Article: The vision of the metallurgy and mineralogy sections that I have in mind is a realistic to low fantasy settings, to prevent metals from being misused or misrepresented within roleplay, to show the true value of the material, it's rarity, it's availability and the infrastructure required to produce such alloys and metals.


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▹Minecraft Username: skullpanda90
▹Discord: molly gear solid#7544
▹Prompt Category (eg. Location, Flora): Animals & Monsters
▹Claimed Prompt: Pixies
▹Your Vision/Pitch for the Article: My pitch for Pixies is that they are vicious, troublemaking, and clever creatures. They are mischievous and like to lure people astray (like actual Pixie lore) but do so to eventually attack or even consume like piranhas once the unlucky individual has been lured into their territory. I like to imagine they are 100% carnivores. Alongside this, just general behaviors, such as being incredibly territorial over their claimed spots and have their own little tribes, prone to pickpocketing and stealing, and have been the cause to many cases of missing pets or even livestock (if they decide to attack in larger numbers).