Important WaymakerMC Building Rules

This is important, please read it.
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With the introduction of rental regions such as stalls, houses, boats, and shops comes the introduction of rent decor and customization. And of course, with that, comes the question of what can and cannot be built!

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning. If you repeatedly violate these rules, it may result in severe punishment such as a ban from owning rental regions. Additionally, Build Staff reserve the right to edit or remove builds at will.

If you find something questionable, you may either make a ticket or report it here.


Unacceptable, Punishable Offences:
  • Griefing, whether this be regarding your rent or another’s.
  • Builds or decor that are either questionable or not compliant with our lore.
  • Editing the exterior of your rent. If you would like the exterior of your rent to be edited, please make a ticket in game.
  • Editing the interior of someone else’s rent.
  • Anything that is causing the server to lag or otherwise straining the server, such as placing a surplus of paintings or item frames.
  • Adding more floors to your rent, for example, building a basement.
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