Unity in the Face of Horror


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A notice would be pinned upon the board with enough space at the bottom for those to write their replies upon. It would read as follow.
"The day draws nearer when the sages will attempt to revive the crops taken from us at the hands of the midnight court. To you friends, I write this notice in the hopes that we will not be alone come the day when we are asked to put our lives on the line to save the city from complete destruction. We ask you join us tomorrow, to hold hands as equal. To put aside our differences and help to change the fate of Hopes Landing. To prove that we aren't afraid of the court, to show them that they cannot separate us. There are more words of good faith I wish to place upon this message but I have made my point and request clear. The rest is up to you friends. For if you had a chance to change your fate, would you take it?"
- Signed Ankthia, Sacred Sage of Protection.

Below would be a space for people to write their signature or small messages upon.


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written on a small part of the bottom of the page in neat but rushed looking handwriting is a brief message.

Though I fear I may not be very much help, I will offer as much as I can to this cause.
This town needs unity more than anything if we are to survive, and I will
be joining you in this effort. Stay safe.
Signed, Frog.

(First in-character forum response thing, how did I do gamers?)
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The Furred Vhyranni would stare at the post.. pondering about what to come out of this, she would pull out her Gilded pen and begin to write...

"Let us unite and reclaim the lands we have worked so hard on to prosper. As I do not wish to see us all fall claim to the midnight court, and even though arguments have been a common occurrence as of late. I never wish upon the death of another, and therefore if I can be of use- I'll be there to aid in the Sages' efforts despite the up-roar of your appearance.

May fortune find you all,
Xu Moshu."