The Writs of Hope's Landing


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The Writ's of Hope's Landing
7 - 9 - E5
by the Blackwynn's Watch
As time passes, the questions grow like seeds in spring. Who are we, what are we, and what purpose do we serve in Hope’s Landing. The forefront of every guardforce is to enforce the legislature set out by an active government, or people. Darroway is a large island, and Hope’s Landing is an even smaller sect of that, and I do not make any mistake in realizing the demographic of this town. The impoverished people that reside, often stem from the outcasts of many different societies; I myself fall in this category. Furthermore, The Blackwynn’s Watch does not intend to make the lives of those that inhabit it’s jurisdiction more difficult than it already has been, we seek to make it better. This is why we are taking steps to actively transition into this new age within this town.

Hope’s Landing is without a government, but they are with written law set out as the “Watchmen Penal Code” on the 27th of this Fifth Era which has grounds as the official written legislature of this town. This document will be referenced, and used through the Blackwynn’s time here. Knowing the newcomings of this, and the beginnings of a new time- The Blackwynn’s Watch will hereby not enforce laws against ritualism, or magic until there is a sturdy means of active governance within Hope’s Landing unless absolutely necessary. Though all Petty, Minor, Major, and High crimes will be punished accordingly in regard to the state. Freedom has been the hallmark of Hope’s Landing, and the Watch does not have means to take this from you, though there are families in this town; women and children that still have to make a living knowing that they are safe. The Blackwynn’s Watch has the main prerogative to protect these innocent before all else. Leniency will always be provided to the understanding, but those that meet us head-on with indifference and arrogance will face the consequences to not tip the scale of justice.

In conclusion, if you are good-hearted, and have your wits about you The Blackwynn’s Watch means no ill-will. Though if you have an active means of disturbing the peace, impeding on the people's will, and disobeying the laws cemented in this town’s history then we already know who you are, and we are watching.


Scribe Faul Nausnack
Director Decimus Hadrianus, of The Blackwynn’s Watch


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Nikati stepped up to the notice board, reaching out her hand to run a clawed finger over the notice. Reading it carefully, her brows furrowed as she read the poster. “Mm..” she hummed to herself, “This… watch is dealing with a town full of rebels and freedom seekers who just escaped the rule of high demons. Commanding respect amongst them is going to be a very difficult challenge..” She stepped away from the poster that fluttered softly in the warm winds of summer. Starting to make her way towards to Ruby Lyre.


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"...Wonder if he's aware nobody quite liked the Watchmen and many still bear the marks of their crimes..." She mumbled merely to herself and her familiar as she stopped to review the noticeboard, a basket of produce in arm. Her thoughts drift to a comment made to her in regards to her curse and hiding it, least she be burned at the stake, then to Nikati's hand.

"History with laws means nothing when those laws are written in tyranny, isn't that right, Kohaku?"

He merely let out a soft chirr in response, resting around her shoulders.
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the Furred Vhyranni would walk over- just about to past the post without a glimpse before the word Watch caught her eye. Moshu, sneered at the thought as she twisted around to face the paper and begun reading each line. Only shaking her head afterwards as she crossed both arms along her chest whilst moving her rotten right hand up to her chin.. a gentle reminder for herself as to what happened last time.

"Tsk.. This lad has no clue what he's gettin' into.. and who is t'say this Blackwynn isn't just some fellow tryin' to pull the strings and get a greedy hand on havin' power..? After all.. just like the other time we had a guard.. there was no government to keep this.. /Watch/ in check. "

She paused, only giving out a scoff at her thoughts before she simply waved her hand dismissively at the paper and went off her own way.