The Power Primal [Babatunde]


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Disclaimer: This is a request for permission to advance one of Babatunde's cantrips to a full spell. There was an unstaffed roleplay event to which
I'll post a screenshot to and describe below in story format

A shaman of nature's spirits; Babatunde Vheiloth was a man connected to what he referred to as the power primal. A great energy given by the land itself to those with the ability to comprehend the natural order. A power Babatunde held dear but had felt his connection to slipping since arriving on Dooraway. For this reason and to find a safe ground for his insect colonies to repopulate he took a journey outside the walls of Hope's Landing. Finding his way to a mountainous peak almost near the terrobird nest. Having no knowledge of the bird he felt calm, and comfortable in this untouched land.

Finding himself on a cliff near the peak he'd allow the firefly colony he'd been travelling with to make their way out of his fur and explore the forest blow as he set in for the night. He'd return the next morning, even if he accomplished his task Babatunde was insightful enough to know traveling through the night here was asking the masters of the universe for far too much trouble.

Finally he'd revert to his orangutan form and sit above the forest throughout the night listening for the signs of power primal. Some hours had passed and his inspiration struck. This sudden surge was mostly do to gathering of deer below, four or so. They were being corned by a pack of large wolves, Babatunde had no plan of intervening as this was natures way. But something odd happened after, the pack had lunged but the overly large bucks seemed to be holding their own, for a little while at least. They had been using their large antlers to fend off and even stab the wolves. They fought as if their lives depended on it, which they did. This was one understanding of power primal he'd been searching for, no creature is truly weak should they have the desire to survive.

A short while after the firefly colony had returned after planting their eggs, Babatunde would have to return in three weeks to collect the hatchlings. For the time though he was far too busy channeling inner beast trying to morph different shapes along his head, to add onto this he was trying to do so with his legs already shifted into a satyr form. Stubbornness or a commitment to power primal he'd know if he found success or failure by morning.

The actual request is the ability to use the cantrip "Inner Beast" to form antlers, horns, or antenna around the head area. And possibly be able to shift two forms at once for double the casting time. As an example Babatunde is fond of giving himself a monkey's tail to hang off of objects but during combat being that he's no fighter he'd do this and give himself satyr legs for extra climbing ability.

I did also make a ticket around this time saying where I was outside of the city walls doing a player event for my character in fairness to how dangerous the land is. I felt the chance of being attacked was low but still present so I made the ticket. The image below was the start once I arrived and I was there for roughly twenty five minutes.