The never-ending flame


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Upon the notice board would rest a note in similar writing style to something one had read before.
"To the man who burnt my garden, to the trio who stood and watched as it turned to ashes before them whilst my body lay crippled with pain. I ask your forgiveness in my actions during the night that you subjected to me pain worse than torture. You knew not what you were doing, you know nothing of what you enforced upon me during that night. You were carrying out orders for your leader and to that I can understand. But what I can not understand is the lack of sympathy shown by each of you during that night. You did not ask me what it would do to me, instead you tossed the torch with careless intent! Are we not equal? do we not all bleed when we are cut... The only difference between us is that your kind are able to heal themselves with magic and medicine whilst I cannot without a garden. You prevented me from healing when I had gone days without any sort of rest... The night of the cultists I dragged and carried those that were injured out of harms way, I prevented as much damage as I could possibly carry out at the time. I am not a monster. Earlier today I had been cut in half by the Jester as if I was a piece of meat only to be sewn back together like a puppet, forced to bare pain unimaginable and yet I am seen as an abomination when there are beings far crueler than I. The only monster that lays within this town is your mayor. He burnt down the tavern and nearly engulfed himself and others in the flames he had caused! He did not stay behind to rescue the remaining trapped inside he fled for the window. He hated me for the race I was born and yet I had pulled him from the grips of the corpse seeker earlier today because I swore to protect. Do not trial me as some sort of criminal when I have done nothing but try to help others. My actions on the night of my garden burning were wrong and to the man I pushed I apologize, my body was riddled with pain akin to that of someone tearing me apart.. a piece of me was destroyed that night... If we are to hold trial I want those of the town to know what I had been subjected to before you go carelessly portraying me as some sort of criminal. I am here to help, I do not wish to be your enemy- to bound you in chains as they wish for me. I shall await for the date of my trial and come peacefully to the court. The threats you made of coming in suits of armor- baring arms, in order to force me back aren't necessary for I wouldn't lay hands unless it was imperative."
- Signed Ankthia Sacred Sage of Protection

At the bottom of the the note a quote would read, scribbled quite vaguely.

"In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.”
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"Whatever she may say, she purposely obscures the truth; those consumed by her 'Garden' are never allowed to be at peace. They writhe and they scream for release and freedom, and perhaps ignorance could be claimed if it were not for the fog that encases our town; that gives us a window to the soul's caught in death's web. As it is, the citizenry could have clearly heard his cries from her garden if only they listened, and many folks did hear him. Perhaps you do mean well, and I respect that you have protected, but you cannot be a protector and a torturer both, and you are the latter by nature of what your Garden's do.

I did what was right, not because I was ordered to. I freed a soul from damnation."

An eloquently calligraphed response pinned to the board by ginger, burnt hands.​