The House of Montagne


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The House of Montagne is a house of mixed repute that dates back to the close of the Third Era. House Montagne maintained no records of the events that transpired during the infamous Fourth Era. Unlike the majority of civilizations, however, the House of Montagne remained above ground for the duration of the Era, albeit confined to the Montagne Hold. At the dawn of the Fifth Era, the descendants of those who had barricaded themselves within the hold made their way back into the world. Upon their return to the world, the Montagne family had grown rich in knowledge regarding the occult and were viewed with skepticism, fear, and uncertainty by the rest of the civilized world.

For this taboo interest and for the inexplicable nature of the family’s endurance through the Fourth Era, they were excommunicated from the Amyrian Church and sent to find a new place to dwell in Alm. Over the years, the Montagne name was forgotten by all but the most devout of the Amyrian Church, and the location of the Montagne Hold was lost. In the Fifth Era, the family was reestablished by Gaelyn Montagne of the House of Montagne following the purging of the Midnight Court, a council of Higher Daemons, from the Island of Darroway.

Wielded first by Simon Montagne, the Last Knight, Daybringer has proven to be an invaluable tool in the family’s continued battle against the forces of the Abyss. The whip-like chain was lost after Simon’s death during the Fourth Era and was later recovered by Gaelyn Montagne following combat with the Midnight Court.

Aegis of Dawn
A rather ornate metal shield, painted black with gold etchings to depict the sun. It is unknown if the shield has any properties similar to Daybringer or other occult weaponry in the family’s possession. Despite the lack of information regarding the shield, it is still highly valued among the surviving family members.

Chain of the Sol-Praefectus
Uniquely crafted with silver and gold, this rather valuable necklace is a trinket that has passed through the family for generations. The family archives allege that the chain wards off unnatural darkness and protects the wearer from entrapment magics. The latter effect is unconfirmed, though the former has proven true.

Prominent Past Members

Aluran the Founder - First Generation

The progenitor of the Montagne family was Aluran, a wandering knight who sought knowledge of the world. Died months prior to the onset of the Fourth Era.

Liliene the Architect - First Generation
The designer of the Montagne Hold and wife to Aluran. Liliene was an intellectual through and through and, as such, was a perfect companion to her spouse. Died shortly after the onset of the Fourth Era.

Simon, the Last Knight - Second Generation
According to records kept by the House of Montagne, Simon Montagne was the first to wield a consecrated weapon in battle against demonic forces. It is unclear if this refers to first within the family or first among humankind. Died sometime during the Fourth Era.

Living Members

Gaelyn Montagne - Fifth Generation

A formerly disgraced demon hunter who had turned to mercenary work for a stretch of his life following his arrest by Amyrian authorities. Refounded the Montagne family on the Island of Darroway following the purging of the Midnight Court.

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