The 'Fletchers Theory'


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Ada looks about the fireplace to all her peers. Some laughing, some bickering... an outside viewer would easilly believe such an image was booze-driven. No... this was camaraderie. This thought made Ada smile for a moment. Though while the warmth of the fire was more than enough to keep any common man or woman content, the elf cannot help but feel a chill town her back.
Whenever she turned, all the saw was the outlines of the abandoned buildings across the narrow river. all she could see was the husks of the former civilization. The bird... bull.... goblins... well-dweller... it truely is no secret as to why the former residents perished.... no..... that does not sound right. Ada's ears perked up. She immedietly drew out parchment and her Ubuq inkwell. Summoning her quill to her hand, she begins to write...

To those who may read this note beyond just myself... my name is Ada Sharppe, a new resident to the abandoned city across the sea. The city once inhabited by what we presumed to be dwarfish or a mixed-community of people. Who ever once founded and resided in this city has long-sinced passed along with any other parties attempting to recolonize this port-side facility. As of writing this note, my people and I have faced many challenges. From feral beasts to fairy-tail horrors to mechanical terrors, yet we still survive.
My peers have faced few casualties despite these events. An even greater feat, their hopes are still high. Though while I see them chat and banter, the more I begin to see cracks form within mere days of being here. From what I have seen, I have pieced what I call the 'Fletchers Theory' in honor of the first casualty of us living here.
The original civilians must have been wiped out by a greater force than what we could possibly hope to prepare for. Be it external entities or internal conflict, we currently stand little fight to any true dangers. What we have faced shan't be anything more than common inconveniences to those before.
If we lay ignorant and arrogant of our inevitable downfall, our course shall be neigh, and we shall fall before we face the true cause of what has led to the eradication of those before us. I am unsure if my life is forfeit, or perhaps I am being too negative.
What I am sure of is that whether by internal or external conflict, we are no more likely to succeed... but perhaps we may document that which we face here for future colonizers. With that, I attach notes documented before and intend to attach further documents to this letter. May whatever diety exist pray we see the end of this, and I may burn this letter in content that we won.

-Ada Sharppe

She places the cover back on her ink, looking to the people around the campfire with a tired smile