The Darroway Circle


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“To the Mother of All Sephyrran we invoke,
Let thy three faces shine upon our alcove
And gift us with bountiful and lush flora
We are the Children of Te’fil
This is our will, so mote it be.”

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Where there’s a Te’fil Cultist, a Circle is soon to form. This is the case for Darroway, more specifically, the city of Hope’s Landing. Led by the Sacred Sage Fe’ha, who has yet to write his Grimoire of Craft. Even then, he invites all Sephyrran and those who worship Te’fil to join him in The Darroway Circle.

If not for enlightenment, for people you can call family. Those you can rely on in your time of need.

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OOC Information

Hiya! I introduce to you The Darroway Circle! A Te’fil Cultism religious organization. I implore anyone who is into the occult and magical to consider joining. I don’t know what the road leads ahead for us, but I’m sure it’ll be absolutely marvelous. If you are interested in getting involved or joining, please PM me on discord - HereticTakao#0184