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Full Name: Tekren Tenebrous Aliri Sadow
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Ai'din Elf




» Aspiring Mage and Researcher (Primary Proficiency)- Tekren is a devotee to his magical arts, prioritizing magical knowledge and artifact development. He specifically practices elemental magic and some derivatives of the occultist magic.
› Magical Abilities:​
Telekinetic WaveAs an action, the caster can, from their own mind, send forth a psychic wave within 4 blocks. This blast causes minor psychic damage and compels the target to stagger backward one block as though pushed. It can target only a singular opponent.
Mental PressureAs an action, the caster may concentrate to create a sensation of pain within the mind of a target within 6 blocks. It can only target one person at a time, and the caster must roll a contesting d20 against the target If the caster is successful, the target will suffer a sudden and incredibly potent headache for a few moments, enough to break concentration and cause physical pause. Though incredibly painful, it leaves no lasting physical wounds.
Mind WardAs an action, the caster may use the willpower of their mind to construct a small floating psychic shield to rotate about the caster. The psychic shield lasts 5 turns, or 10 minutes. It may be used to block a single attack of mundane or magic property, which it will dissipate thereafter.
Illusionary ProjectionAs an action and active channel, the caster may create an illusionary form of themselves within a 5 block range. The caster may choose one of two effects:
  1. The illusion perfectly replicates the current visage of the caster, and any auditory sounds from the caster will be replicated by the illusion. However only one creature may see it at a time. As an action, or every thirty seconds the caster may swap who is able to see the illusion. The illusion holds no physicality, and will dissipate on touch.
  2. The illusion perfectly replicates the current visage of the caster, but makes no sound. It is visible to anyone within visual range.

If the caster ends its turn, or spends more than 30 seconds 6+ blocks away from their illusion, it will immediately dissipate.
Dream ManipulationAs an action, the caster can soothe the thoughts and mental state of a person, causing them relief with their OOC consent. If outside of combat the spell is instant, and is performed by placing both hands just around the target’s head, palms facing inward.
In combat, dream manipulation can be used to spur nightmarish images in the target. After channeling the spell for one turn, upon the second turn as an action, the caster may use this to stun an opponent with fear for a turn.

» Survival- Tekren knows how to survive in intense conditions, having done so with his teacher during his upbringing. His sense of direction and ability to gather resources has become an integral part of his person. He has also molded this into a hobby, often going into the forests to test and improve upon his skills. Some thought of him as odd for liking it.

» Archaeology- Tekren is a devoted archaeologist, and has written a journal or two about his intent to explore the known world for artifacts. One could argue his devotion to this study is greed, but it is rather a symptom of his obsessive search for knowledge.

» General Athletics- Tekren was never the brawny street brawler, nor was he a capable swordsmen as others were in his village. Instead, Tekren learned to be quick on his feet and very nimble. He can climb, jump, and move around with graceful elegance.



Physical Appearance
Tekren resembles most of his kin, with almost coal black skin, though most accurately a darkened gray. His eyes resemble a crystalized red, but are darkened to a more crimson shade. The hair that flows down from his head is clean despite its length, and styled to match his clothing. His hair is also a charcoal black color, with sometimes gray accent in sunlight. A stubble covers the lower part of his chin, a signifier for his age. His body can be described as fairly slender, without any hint of a broad frame. While he is not noticeable for any developed muscle, he certainly has a fairly athletic frame. Tekren is fairly tall, standing at 6’5”.

Clothing Description:
(At least one thorough sentence is included here.)
Tekren typically wears lightweight clothing, and typically does not show any skin unless the climate demands it. His clothing matches his demeanor, and deviates from the ai'din culture in many ways. The only flamboyant colors featured in his clothing are red or purple accents, and this is even exemplified in his spell books or other crafted artifacts.

Inventory Description:
(This should include all of your items, as well as a description for magic items. Descriptions for certain items or all items can be included if you would like. Keep in mind starting equipment.)

Journal of Experiments- Contains all the rigorous alchemical and magical experiments conducted during Tekren's various journeys.

A Quill- An item maintained in special condition for Tekren's use during study.

Disorganized Assortment of Scrolls- Various scrolls contained in a travel bag, of no particular significance beyond travel notes and experiment recordings.

Ai'din Elf Crystal Pendant- As all ai'din elves do, Tekren still retains a pendant around his neck, featuring a crystal with magical properties.

A Concealed Dirk- A slightly rusted dagger used for mainly defense and other more practical activities.


Overseer - Obsessed with efficiency, Tekren utilizes a firm hand in his decisions, demeanor, and personal endeavors. A trait developed out of his teacher's demeanor, and a focal point for Tekren's personality.

Schemer - Tekren is a manipulative individual, and plots from behind the scenes. The typical perception of this is malicious, but yet Tekren’s schemes are usually meant in search of knowledge. This trait differs from that of being deceitful, as the schemer prioritizes well thought out plans and specific manipulation of situations around him. While deceit sometimes fits into this picture, it is not inherent to the nature of scheming, as one can be honest and still create such plots.

Scholarly - Tekren is a devotee to knowledge as a means of power and ascension. Knowledge is his primary gain from the natural world. This trait was never in question for Tekren as an adult. Even from a young age, he was reading and learning from various literature.

Irritable - Though often regarded for his patience in matters of intellect, his irritability shows when he is dealing with those who hold disdain for his work, race, or other characteristic.

Shrewd - Tekren is a man of quick wit and good judgement. His studies have warranted a certain cleverness that dominates conversations. This trait developed out of his constant obsession with learning. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" and Tekren developed his mind in such a way to produce quick-witted responses to situations.

Non-indulgent - Tekren is temperate in his consumption of various foods and drinks. At parties, he is known to reject alcohol and enjoy a nice glass of water with a rather modest serving size for food. In his own study, he sometimes will go without a meal. This is due to his obsession with his fitness and physical athleticism.

Arbitrary - Tekren has no concept of justice, though he is frequent to utilize the law to reach his perceived end. This is a negative trait in Tekren's development. He frequently holds disdain for the law, and assigns no authority to it. Oftentimes, this creates issues when making objective judgements, or even in his considerations of others.

Ambitious - Tekren has an ambition like no other, and seeks out to attain power and great knowledge to sate his quest. It was a trait taught by his teacher, to always seek out one's betterment.

Emotionless (New) - While Tekren displays and can convey emotions as any other person, he is incapable of any genuine feelings toward others.



Tekren was born among his kin in the crystal labyrinth, as most Ai’din elves were. Living amongst the seclusive keepers of the labyrinth, Tekren too embraced a lifestyle of isolation and study. His father was a prominent library keeper among his community, so Tekren found himself there more than anywhere else. While many encouraged him to become a guardian, Tekren saw his ambition beyond simple guard duty. He devoted himself at an early age to magical studies, specifically on the study of spell scribing. Tekren apprenticed to a friend of his father’s, and soon he became obsessed with it.

While his parents grew concerned at his almost obsessive love for the magical arts, Tekren attained great proficiency in it. He went on frequent journeys with his teacher into the desert, seeking out magical tomes, spellbooks, and other useful mediums for spellcasting. He and his teacher bonded in this regard, and his teacher became a father figure when he was away from home. Though, it became clear that the fatherly advice he was getting deviated greatly from the norm. He was taught your typical virtues, of temperance, diligence, and chastity. However, his teacher taught him to embrace his ambitions as the only end worth pursuit. Rejecting his obsessive search for knowledge was decried by Tekren’s teacher as useless and devoid of any practicality.

After many years of learning and exploring the Machahallah desert, Tekren returned to his community. While his family certainly received him as the son they knew, the community village he was from grew skeptical of him. The magic he practiced was seen as a threat to the social fabric to those around him. It wasn’t necessarily the practice of magic itself, moreso his application of it. He was seen as a deviant to virtuous behavior, and in his young age he was known for his mischief. Unfortunately, this behavior led to terrible accidents in magical experimentation, leading to the inevitable banishment of Tekren from the village. With his failure to heed temperance from his role models, Tekren journeyed out of the desert in search of new purpose.

In this journey, he became more attuned to himself. The practice of magic became the primary facet of his purpose. He prioritized the creation of tomes to hold his knowledge and spells, along with physical objects that held sentimental value. The most powerful of these, was a ring gifted to him from his family upon birth. The crimson crystal at its center became a focal point for casting. Along with the books, Tekren also imbued his magic into triangular objects that he obtained in his study. These were intended to hold inscribed spell teachings that he had crafted, as well as sentient thoughts from his own mind. Stopping at many trading posts along the way, Tekren eventually found passage to a city known as Darroway, where he settled down to continue his studies.

During the first election, Tekren grew disgusted with the town affairs, distancing himself quickly from others he thought he would befriend. Thrust into the role of Justicar, Tekren played the part of a dutiful judge, while in constant search of what he came to Darroway for. It wasn't until the ai'din found a dark temple in a mountain valley, that his life would change forever.

After facing death and coming back through the ritual duel with Tyrael, Tekren returned to town with newfound purpose. Though, he couldn't help but notice the emotionless void that was left when he did return. He found no genuine feeling of love, happiness, honor, or any virtue. They were all a means to him, and due to this he stayed away from large social gatherings in Hope's Landing. After Tangata's election, Tekren set up a small tent outside the city. For the first time, Tekren felt fear that he would not achieve what he sought out to attain, and that the town would soon find out. When that reality never came to be, Tekren cemented his life of isolation.

After devoting himself to a being known as Tarkath, Tekren has descended into a state of emotionless power seeking, with no discernable remedy in sight. An obsession of the mind, one could say infects Tekren, imploring him to seek out arcane power wherever it exists. The telos of this goal, being immortality.


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