Takao's Writing Workshop! [Open]


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Takao’s Writing Workshop

Need a neat lore story written about a life experience of your character? Wrote your entire character application but are getting stumped on the life story? Need some character concept advice? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

For those who don’t know who I am, I’m HereticTakao, or Takao, or even Taco, and I want to write for you! Writing’s been a passion of mine for years and I truly enjoy it. Like any sane person, I’m using my talents to make a profit. Mineman profit. I’m only charging trade gold because I’d feel morally wrong charging actual money.

Here are some examples of my lore stories:

Character App links so you can get a vibe for how I write life stories:

Here’s a list of things I’m NOT willing to write:

  • Any forms of abuse, besides a little bit of verbal, but has to be light and not too much.
  • NSFW topics, such as nudity.
  • Anything that seems to glamorize a topic that shouldn’t be.
Everything else, I’m down with. I do HEAVILY advise if there is any gore, drug use, or overall other greyzone topics to put a trigger warning when you post it.

So, I’m offering three things, which are the following:

  • Life Story - 10 Trade Gold
    • Pretty straightforward, give me a few basic points and I’ll flesh out from there.
    • I’m also offering to help you with finding aesthetics too, but I’m not gonna charge for that because that’s dumb.
    • I can additionally write a character-centric quote for the beginning of your app, and then another at the end if you desire. No extra charge, just request that if you want it in DMs.
  • Lore Story - 20 Trade Gold
    • I’ll write a lore story about a past experience in your character’s life, or even a recent one! Like before just give me a few basic points and I’ll do my thing.
  • Character Advice - Free!
    • Self-explanatory. You give me your character concept and I help you build them. This is free because I’m not going to charge you for advice, that’s weird.
Here’s how you put in a request. Fill out the form below, post it in the comments, I’ll PM you on discord, and then I’ll get to work. Also, I reserve the right to deny a request if I’m not comfortable with writing what’s asked. Finally, it’s mandatory you give me credit for writing a life story or lore story, either in the thread comments or at the end of the original post. Obviously, I’m not going to request credit for character advice, because the concept was your's to begin with, I just help you with the process.


What do you want?: