Important Staff Application Template

This is important, please read it.
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➢ Template:
Minecraft Username:
Discord Name:
Legal Age:
Time Zone:

Department(s) of Interest
: (Please list in bullets.)

Reason For Interest in Said Department(s):

Why do you want to join staff?:

Particular Skill Sets?:

Are you willing to sign a CLA indicating that you are willingly contributing your work to the company, and grant us rights to any work that you do?:

Please post sample(s) of your work:

➢ Extra information and details:
Lore, Tech, and Moderation applicants must be over the age of 18.
The reason for this is that the Moderation team investigates, more often than not, questionable or disturbing cases. As for Lore and Tech, these members must be able to legally sign a CLA before volunteering their skills for Waymaker's use.
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