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Basic Information
Name: Silas Sorano
Race: Amyrian (Lower)
Age: 21
Gender: Male




Visual Information
Physical Appearance:
Skin: Pale White
Hair: Ebony Black
Eyes: Sea Blue
Height: six foot three inches
Weight: 182lb
Silas is not one for bright colours, sticking to the dark of blacks and greys. His signature piece is a long black overcoat that covers his body from neck to knee, buckled and buttoned shut by braces and bolts, golden flecks against a pitch black night. Across his chest, a series of leather holders, twin sheaths on either side of his waist, with a belt that cuts across his midsection. Finally, the man sticks to a thick pair of boots, heavy and darkened leather, simplistic as the rest.

Additional Details:
A tall and slender man, Silas is by no means a brute. Yet to describe him as weak would be a foolish misconception. Whilst his form portrays that of one who lacked nutrition in youth, below his blackened coat lies the form of a swimmer. Sturdy and slim with very little fat, the face of the man has often been described as almost skeletal, an ominous image at that.

Inventory Description:
Two Hero Steel Parry Knives
One Woodsman's Axe
One Sollarium Longbow
Several Empty Vials
A pair of Gloves
One wine bottle of Glass Bug Blood
One short sword
Golden Skull


Primary Skill:
Necromancer: Since childhood, Silas has been fascinated by death. It would only be on the Isle of Darrowway that this obsession became his existence. When he met the Necromancer of the Woods and the truth of his heritage was revealed, Silas saw a chance to be more and turned to darkened arts with all the vigor he could muster.

Secondary Skills:
Daggers: Growing up an orphan in the butchers block is not what one would call a positive environment. Forced from a young age to defend himself, Silas took to using small knives, easy to hard and lethal in skilled hands.

An Eye for details: Silas is not a man to look over something lightly, obsessive to an extreme he follows every detail to the letter, missing very little despite his often mad demeanor. It is to his great enjoyment to piece together a mystery or puzzle, outdoing others with his intelligence.

Linguist: Silas is a man of words rather than swords and as such, has learnt to speak different tongues depending on the time and place, such always being useful when funding is required.

When one lacks in brawn, brains tend to be useful. Silas has been granted the gift of the gab by his forefathers, a silver tongue and an air of diplomacy, you are more often to find Silas discussing his foes to death then you are to see him actually harming them. It is his pride to out debate, to riddle and trick his opponents into word pits and laugh as their arguments become putty in his hands.

Silas has always been a proficient inventor and alchemist, building contraptions and weapons in the pursuit of his employers. A highly intelligent though a touch mad, Silas is naturally apt at things beyond the common man.

On his slow but steady rise through the upper classes, Silas learnt that the best way to charm and in turn gain was music. Whilst there were many options to choose from, many instruments and the like. It would be the piano that caught his eye, the stunning ivory, wrapped in darkened wood, perfection to a man of his tastes.


Necromancy Cantrips


As a bonus action, you may imbue a melee weapon, or three pieces of ammunition that you touch such as arrows or bolts with a necrotic effect. Any wounds created by the weapon or ammunition will immediately fester and become infected. The wound will no longer heal by magical means aside from divine, and require mundane care to disinfect and treat.
If left untreated for an hour, the wounds will begin to form abscesses around it and leak pus, growing in intensity and pain. If untreated for a week, you will begin to suffer nerve damage, and lose the sense of feeling within the area as it begins to rot. If there has been no active treatment for a month, the wound will rot the affected area to the point of necrosis, often requiring amputation.

For the Taking:
After channelling for one turn, upon your second turn you may drain the life of plants and critters around you, utilizing their lifeforce to cast a miasma around a 3x3x3 area in emote distance. This miasma invigorates Undead, allowing them to roll with a +2 bonus towards any actions they take, as well as nullify magical ranged attacks that are not from the school of Occultism.
As a bonus action, you may move the miasma cloud five blocks in any cardinal direction.
At the end of your next turn, For the Taking ends. You may channel this spell instead for up to 5 rounds, or 10 minutes outside of combat.

As an action, touch a creature. If they are unwilling, this is an attack roll that must succeed. If successful, you will drain some of its lifeforce, able to either absorb it into yourself, or a target of your choice within emote distance. It heals a wound of your choice, but is unable to bring back lost body parts.
The drained individual will feel sickly and a loss of energy, temporarily worsening their immune system and making them paler. If it was a smaller creature such as a dog or similar size, it would make them severely sick if they were in perfect health already, requiring close care. If it was a small animal such as a cat, bird or similar, Lifedrain would kill it.

Animated Dead:
After channeling for two turns, upon your third you are able to raise the body of a dead creature within emote distance as either a skeleton or a zombie, puppeting the body via magic.
You may mentally command it at any time as a bonus action, and it is capable of doing simple mundane commands, such as guarding an area, attacking someone, or menial labour.
The Animated Dead is a sluggish creature which holds no skills or abilities it may have previously had in life, and all rolls done by the Animated Dead are a base d20. They are able to be given weaponry and armor, with a similar strength of an average human, but will not be skilled in its use. You may use the Animated Dead as a catalyst for casting touch spells, casting it through their touch instead of your own.
If defeated, the Animated Dead will crumble, unable to be used for future castings of Animated Dead.
You may only have 1 Animated Dead active at a time, and are required to dedicate a portion of your own lifeforce to keep the puppet active, resulting in a permanent +1 towards your current spell fatigue at all times so long as the Animated Dead is active. If you dismiss the Animated Dead or no longer recast the spell to maintain control over it, the Animated Dead will still be active, though no longer beholden to your commands.

Gravetender's Mercy:
As an action, you may place your hand upon any target. Their condition will stabilize, able to halt further loss of blood or development of infections or diseases. This spell may be channelled indefinitely, so long as physical contact is maintained continuously. If physical contact is broken, the spell is immediately dispelled, and the target will resume their physical condition or worsening.

If this effect is utilized on a corpse or other remains, you place a ward over the dead that lasts for a week and prevents their soul or body from being manipulated by unnatural forces such as resurrection or being raised as undead.

Rebels for a lost cause:
Ability to speak Turntongue

Dagger Proficiency:
+3 to Dagger uses.

High Amyrian
Lower Amyrian

Personal Information:

Chaotic Neutral

Personality & Attributes: Silas is a loud mouth, often being heard before being seen. His ability to speak coupled with his rather crass nature can often lead people to believe that he is immature and foolish. Yet beneath his carefully created mask is a sharp mind and a burning sense of pride. For Silas is neither immature or foolish, he is a driven personality, unrelenting and obsessive. Unable to merely let go of something, especially if he feels like his intelligence is being questioned.

Though, as contradictions often go, Silas is not what his core decides, able to twist on a whim to suit his needs. From friendly and open to cold and calculating, Silas has a knack of knowing exactly how to be, to get exactly what he requires. It could be said that it comes down to his origins, the truma felt even now some seventeen years later and the blank slate it left on who he was.

However, the man is not without his vices, a flirt through and through with incredibly poor impulse control, Silas can very quickly slip into drink or addiction. This coincides with his lack of control and self preservation, willingly putting himself in the path of danger, a thrill he has often sought to feel more alive than ever before. But one must always be wary when working with him for Silas, the ends will always justify the means no matter who or what it costs.

Life Story:
Being a rebel is fine whilst the tide is in your favour. If a sentence could aptly describe Silas Sorano, it was that. Born to an Amyrian family in the butcher’s block region by the name of Alfred Ethelred, the Ethelreds had very little. That was the way of things in the slum and as people in the very dreg of society, there was little room for advancement. One of many children, Silas was a middle child, expected perhaps to die off at a young age or join the grand army of the empire. Yet that would not be his fate, for the Soranos held a dark secret, something that if discovered would spell doom for all of them.

For beneath the pits and disease-ridden streets, his mother and father cursed the lady for her lies and cruelty. For they saw what the many would not, the corruption of man, the binding of their will to something evil parading as something light. His father especially, a once promising scribe, spoke in long drawn speeches of the old ones, his lord and the one day return of all that was good. He spoke of death and the power once held by his ancestors, how they had sought to master it’s whims in the dark times only to fall beneath the shadow of the accursed goddess. Though most of his siblings did not listen to the paranoid old man, Silas did, listening intently to the sermons and lessons, hate and bile building at his core. His young mind was twisted by the teachings, whispering soft prayers to a being his father saw only in dreams and memories.

One might suggest that this time was good, a bright spot in a miserable existence, yet in the end all things must come to an end. A rat in the gutter, spilled the truth of his father to the church, his tongue wagging away till even he was cast to the pyre, much to his surprise of course. In the early morning hours they came, a band of men, crashing through the rotting door and carting the family, all save for poor young Alfred. He’d been in the basement at the time, heard the clamours of shouting and breaking, screams and cries. The boy slipped beneath a grate, watching as men in robes came forth to burn his sacred place, the fires of his own ignorance growing as the flames did.

It would be there that most stories end, up in smoke and another name in the footnotes of history. Yet this was not to be Silas end, for something placed its hand upon the string of fate, pulling it free of danger and placing it aside. From the smouldering ruins he emerged, caked in ash and burning inside and out. The boy slipped into the early morning hours, fading into the darkness of the slums.

Silas would not reappear in the records till the age of eighteen, where a young, well mannered and decided aloof looking man would apply for the Amyrian Army. He had nothing more than a name, no home, no next of kin, a blank slate. Though able, he was not cut out for a soldier's life, never matching the activeness of his peers. Yet sooner or later, his keen eyes and foolish disregard for his own life (Often mistaken for bravery), would catch the eye of his superiors, leading him along a slippery path towards a role in both colonisation and exploration. It was here the man began to shine, tracking, hunting, survival skills and of course, a need to unlock the many mysteries of the world. Yet he did not do this for his country, he did this for himself, to learn all he could in his fight, to become one with his foe and burn it from the inside out.

Yet it would be deep in the jungles of a forgotten land, that Silas would gain his greatest fear, casting himself deep into a temple long lost to time, hearing whispers of those gone before and the endless mass of remains that littered the walls, his mind was overrun by the memory of his childhood, the dark one that eyed him from the corner, the debt it would take upon his own expiration. So there, in the dim light of a torch, he swore a vow, to find a way to cheat death, to find a way to answer the last question of all.



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