Silas goes on a merry hunt for the undead


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Questline applicants Minecraft username(s): Fraser028
Is this questline private (Only you and your friends, or only you) or public (everyone is welcome)?: Me and a few friends (Not sure who yet)
Links to the character applications that will be used in this questline: Preferred dates and times for the event?: Anyday really works, since I have no job at the moment.
Outline the general premise of this questline:
After being told many times that he is marked by death and having the ability to resist the touch of the Necromancer through some form of Familial connection. Silas is looking to discover more of his rather morbid gifts, seeking the origin of his connection to the dark arts and perhaps ways to enhance and master it. Ultimately this is more for Silas to understand what the House of Sorano truely is and what fate might have in store for the one-armed man.
Outline any desired questline themes: Combat, Mysteries and Puzzles, honestly I am open to whatever the DMs decide as I quite enjoy any of those three. Though a larger over-arcing mystery to be worked out is always fun.
Questline keywords: Necromancy, Dark, spooky, undeath.