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I write in heavy heart as I witness my own vision coming true. The destruction of democracy and the cruel acts of outsiders shall be the catalyst to the damnation of Hope's Landing, and those that seek refuge in its brittle walls.

In one swift night, I witnessed the act of betrayal, fueled by corrupt intent, destroy the fragile democracy we put our faith into.
The once-proud warrior, Gryph; a once-close friend, a champion and former mayor-elect had his former brother imprisoned. Together, the two made headway with the idea of overthrowing the mayor-perhaps even the council.
Though I still wonder why, both having strong voices and comfortable seating in the council. I can only assume this to be of pure greed and arrogance.
None the less; in the throw of political theater, Gryph betrayed his brother, imprisoning him with the act of treason. Followed-suit with Gryph resigning as councilmember, follow-suit two other resignations.

In that moment, I saw the clear... I saw the blindness of Varus, the greed of Tangata, the hypocrisy of Gryph... Those that we held of the upmost standard have collectively damned Hope's Landing to the Amyrians.

To those who read this, I beg for reason... The Amyrians have shown no mercy and further intend to bring us to a premature death... we must act.
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