Psyduck Lover
Her body contorted, as every inch of her soul began to writhe in excruciating pain, unable to do nothing but watch whilst the flames before her danced around. A waltz most wicked as it began to devour all the fauna that rested before it. Ravenous be the flames eager to continue their heinous act, behaving as if it had been starved for weeks, they showed no remorse. The Sephrynn stared in cold silence as the garden was burnt before her very eyes. A night she would remember for it was the night she learnt that the world can be cruel.

Soon the world became dark before her very eyes.. there was nothing but the cold and empty silence accompanied by the scent of rotting flesh. Frightened to her core she would have tried to scream but no sound escaped her lips. Blackened hands began to reach for her from within the abyss- their clawed hands digging into her skin as the Sephrynn could do nothing but be tossed around with each push and pull sending her to further spiral within the void. A night she would remember for it was the night she learnt that existence means enduring some form of suffering.

Falling from the void she would land with a hard slam upon the wooden floorboards a loud crack echoed to that of a skull being shattered. Paralyzed upon the ground the Sephrynn would be forced to remain on her back. Staring up as a bloodied axe would begin to make a slow decent towards her.. every inch it continued to fall closer towards the paralyzed body, would soon be accompanied by a symphony of voices encouraging for it to completely cleave her in half.. A night she would remember for it was the night she learnt that her life bared no worth.

As the axe fell down so did the Sephrynn once more.. except this time it would be different.. instead of falling on hard ground she fell once more within an Abysmal void- surrounded by nothing more than darkness.. a single match was lit within the sky giving the only light within the piercing black void, a manacle chuckle echoed throughout her ears as the match was flicked, igniting the void below in a chorus of flames, engulfing the entirety of the Sephrynn as her body unable to withstand the heat succumb to the scorching hot temperature.. bursting within just a few seconds into nothing more than a pile of ashes and dust... from the ashes a single flower would begin to grow.. it's color a sickly shade of green as the newly bloomed flower, appeared nothing but wilted and ill. A night she would remember for it was the night she learnt even the bittersweet release of death is temporary.

from within the bed she rested the Sephrynn awoke to a cold sweat dripping down her spine, staring around the room in a frantic panic as she cried out as pain once more engulfed the entity of her body, a feeling similar to the pain she had to bare on each of the nights that consistently replayed within her mind as she slept. Writhing agony from when her garden was burnt, the fear she experienced whilst trapped within a demons void, the cracking sound of a skull being shattered echoing throughout her ears as she was nearly killed, the excruciating pain from being burnt alive. For these were no nightmares, these were her memories. Played on repeat for each night she slept... Every new experience she had to face only added into further spiraling the young Sephrynns mind. Unwilling to go back to sleep the Sephrynn laid upon the bed, a ball of her former self as she continued to cry.. she could do nothing but cry..
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