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Name: Pest
Race: Fae-Folk (Piranha)
Age: 20
Birthday: January 28th
Gender: Female




Full Shift: When Pest is within her first shift it should be noted that across her arms and legs fins would take hold. Her once mundane teeth become extremely serrated and sharpened, it is normally within this shift that her primal urges take hold of her and can be extremely ravenous whilst within this state. Her Piranha features become more dominant whilst within this form and mobility above land becomes very difficult for her as she is more aquatic if anything.

Midshift: Whilst within her midshift her teeth start to become more jagged and serrated, only meaning her bite packs a nasty punch if she’s locked onto you. The appearance of gills becomes more dominant within this form as it is very apparent that this is an aquatic species of fae.

First Shift: Within her mundane form she can still be seen baring the sharp teeth of a piranha, gills which allow her to breath under water and a frenzy mentality which forces her to eat at an alarming speed even when there is a feast of food available.

Clothing Description: Almost always wearing the bare minimum no matter the current shift, this menace will try to get away with a grass skirt if she could. Utilising much of the space on her body for pockets or bags she doesn’t want to have necessary space taken up that would normally occur with clothing.

Inventory Description:
Serrated dagger
Magnifying lens
Rope 2m
Basic gardening tools
Bag of edible mushrooms for a snack
Various animal skulls




Mycology - Pest specialises in the study of fungi in order to understand their use to humans as a source for tinder, traditional medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers, such as toxicity or infection.

Pathologist - Pest worked within a morgue as a side job on top of her study of Mycology, it was here that she took an interest in the field of pathology often being a side assistant in helping to determine the cause of death in a body. Often being the one to immediately identify signs that a person has died from toxins.

Osteology- While traveling with her owner she was given the opportunity to dive into a new field of research being Osteology which is the detailed study of the structure of bones it was here that she focused her attention on both animal and human bones.

Archeology - Taking a third hobby led her to dive into the skill of Archeology as a means to enhance her way of life. It was here that she took interest in the discovery of ancient bones- able to use her geographical knowledge to pinpoint locations where skeletons could possibly be.




”Weed out the bad, nourish the good.” - Given Pests upbringing she has grown cautious of who to trust and who not to trust. Taught at an early age that there are good and bad people in this world she has become aware that those who she might consider her friends could end up hurting her in the end and thus she is always overly anxious to accept new people into her life unless they have proven themselves to her completely.

”Take whatever you want but you’ll never take my voice from me.” - Having grown a tough skin as a result of her upbringing in the mellowmire she has learned that although you can be robbed, assaulted- hurt and beaten, they can never take the strongest thing you have which is your voice. Because of this Pest has a habit of speaking on behalf of others and calling people out their attitude even if the situation may be worsened as a result.

”There's always the calm before the storm.” - Don't let her small size fool you this 4'10 fae can pack quite the bite if necessary, having been brought up in a place filled with such hostility and anger she has developed keen sense of awareness and will always try to fight her way through whatever opponent comes to meet her, unwilling to let other people see she is weak.




1 - 10

Pest was given up by her parents and traded to a wealthy merchant who for the next ten years although calling her his daughter, treated her more like a pet. It was during these early years she was given a basic form of education learning both common and swamp tongue given that her new owner was a Riverfolke. It was here that she was exposed to various modes of study such and even from the young age of ten began to take an interest in the study of Mycology.
10 - 15

Once Pest was able to function within society independently she would begin working alongside her owner to further research various types of Fungi and their medicinal uses as well as the possibility to harvest the toxins some of the Fungi excrete. A career she would pursue throughout most of her life. It was also during this time of her life she took a job as a morgue assistant where she developed a hobby for pathology often being able to detect toxins and poison within a persons body. It was during this time she also learnt Osteology for both animals and humans alike and if allowed to properly examine can determine the type of bone produced to her.

15 - 20

From the ages of fifteen to twenty Pest would take on the hobby of magic as a means to help her whenever she was sent to do explorations for her owner. It was here that she accidentally upset an Amryian explorer after she insulted his work and thus a fight broke out leading to her stabbing the man in cold blood. She would be taken as captive, forced back to the Amyrian capital and was thus put on trial for her crimes. However, she managed to free herself from her chains as they were trying to lead her towards the prison.. and took off running as fast as she could.

After escaping from her captives hold she would flee towards the nearby docks, stowing herself away within one of the barrels- unaware where the voyage was headed, consumed by fear. All this little Fae wanted to do was flee to the lands unknown which just so happened to be Darroway.
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