Notice against Vor'nir


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Greetings, reader.
Although I am a recent arrival, I have heard of Vor'nir's efforts to run for mayor. Let it be known that I find this figure to be an ill choice for the mayoral candidate. He is openly racist, speaking of Sephyrran as being 'nothing but trouble,' and refusing to speak to 'their kind.' This attitude has no place in such a diverse town, formed of many rejects from society. We should be guided by efforts to be open, warm, compassionate, rather than derogatory and spiteful.

Once I spoke up against his behavior, he cast some form of spell on me and blinded me for several minutes. I spoke of how his mayoral run would be affected by this, and despite me simply warning him, he punished me. If he acts this way without the power of a governmental position, how will he act as mayor, to those who speak with unrest?

Feel free to speak with me on my experience, or share your own. My name is Hyledden Mairwyn.
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Ceridwen peered over the notice, her feet tucked up onto the sofa where she sat curled up against the side of her husband. Pressing a fingertip against the parchment, she tilted her head toward Cadfael.

“Not too long ago he was preaching about how the Ai’din abilities are distasteful, and how he never wants to use them. Somethings clearly changed. What do you make of it all, darling? Just an idiot, or is there something more to it?”



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Tracing the side of the notice with her index finger, Moshu examined it with a pondering and selfish gaze. Finally giving a scoff and chuckle after her eyes finished moving across the paper and shifted over to an all too familiar one Eyed Wolf fae.

"If they seek for the Sephyrrans to not be slandered, Perhaps they should start actin' more respectful t'others in this town... Rather than bickerin' 'round like winin' children who just fuel those who have a racial bias towards them... No? Tsk, I can almost understand his rage against them... but, perhaps not the best move on his part... Gives me fear that we'll never achieve a leader worthy of representin' us.."



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After a moment of scanning the notice with her one cyan eye she would cross her arms and turn to moshu, listening to her words before replying with.

"Mm.. Perhaps, we should all act more respectful towards everyone else no matter what the past has warrented them no? Not letting go of our differences will only worsen our chances against the real enemy's. Talking outwardly against one another will not improve any situation we are in... Maybe we wont achieve the leader we need, however it is not our place to interfere with political efforts. Now come friend lets go find us some new hands."