Work In Progress Medical and Biological Observations of the Beasts of Fletchersburg


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Medical and Biological observations of the Beasts of Fletchersburg
by Silas Sorano

Chapter One: The Nature of the Beast.
What is it that defines a mortal man? What is it that separates us from mere animals? It is a question that has been posed several times in study with one very clear, and often irrefutable, answer; Morality. Yet here, in this rather decrepit backwater, we see what occurs when that primal part of ourselves is unleashed. From my observations, I have seen that the town of Fletchersburg was once rather vibrant, seemingly a strong economy, well-funded military and a decent population, very difficult to bring down. Yet now, it is a ghost town by day, a barren husk that has been carved clean by a multitude of mouths and claws. Though one of a litany of questions, the origins and subsequent events of what I have christened as the Beastial Blood Virus or Therianthropy, remain a mystery to myself and my compatriots.

However, the nature of these beasts is not a mystery, for such violence and bloodshed has been well documented in the rubble we have encountered. Seemingly, however, the beasts are categorised in a multitude of types and powers. These powers can vary from as simple as evolving strength to dark sight and shapeshifting. Truly the different variations leave much to be discovered and with a lack of both test subjects and viable samples of the isolated virus, my chances of understanding more remain slim for the moment. Despite this, there has been at least one common factor that ties each of the types together. Much like hounds, wolves and other mammals of such ilk, the Therians are somewhat civilised to a degree. A degenerative form of society, dominated by a single entity, the Alpha. In many ways, this resembles the earliest forms of civilisation, better known as the big man society to those in the academic community back in Amyria. Early interactions with the Alphas suggest that they are by all means the strongest of their respective packs, capable of defeating any within the pack to maintain dominance over the rest. Furthermore this likely ties back to food, the Alphas maintaining a tight grip of control on a dwindling food supply in Fletchersburg and offering it out to those who earn its favour, though this is merely speculation on my part. The alphas too seem to have a sense of honour, though this may be down to the human element that resides within each of them. In the occasions where we have dealt with them directly, the Alphas often seek the strongest of our party challenging them to a pseudo-duel. This human element raises the most questions and likely feeds into the growing hypothesis I have come to create. For I have come to believe that the Beastial Blood Virus requires a willing mortal host, the Virus passing via the blood of an Alpha or its bite. However, my only evidence lies in two particular cases, the ritual observed in the guardhouse and the Case of Subject one, the Fae-Lupus*. If said theory holds significant water it would imply that the Virus is capable of unlocking the animalistic tendencies in all mortals and may somewhat explain the variations in type via a racial means.

The Symptoms of the Beastial Blood Virus, are difficult to pinpoint, the writer only having encountered the process in one case. Once the subject is infected via blood infection or ritual, the symptoms set in quickly beginning with a strong fever and consistent headaches. Though the symptoms between the first stage and eventual transformation are unknown at the time of writing, one must assume that the onset of night most likely plays into the deterioration of the condition of the subject.

Within the pages of this text, I will document my findings on the different forms of Therianthropes, including their mannerisms, abilities, nature and possible weakness for use after the conclusion of our work here in the city.

*For the safety of those involved the name of the said subject will remain obscured.



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Chapter Two: Lupus-Thropes

The first type to be discussed in detail shall be the first encountered in the city. The Lupusthrope seems to be the most basic of the Therians, heavily moulded in the form of canines. These creatures are not to be trifled with, however, for despite their more basic form and power, these creatures are still immeasurably dangerous. It would also seem that these creatures are by far the most numerous, during our incursion to deal with winery infestation, the party was surrounded by what could only be described as a veritable horde. This leads me to believe that the origins of this creature may yet lie in humans of Amyria though in truth with little evidence to support such a claim, it is equally as likely the old wives tales of men lost to greed could be as viable. Though this in turn leads to the rather dross subject of folktales and the unreliable narrator that is the great unwashed masses of Alm.

The Welps
The most standard form of Lupusthrope, these creatures are fast, powerful and by all means deadly. Capable of great feats of strength and ferocity, they are not to be taken lightly. Much like their namesakes, these welps are part of a larger pack and whilst relatively easy to dispatch alone, in greater numbers their hunting becomes almost impossible to deal with. They are by their nature, inexplicably tied to the will of their Alpha and whilst it certainly seems reasonable to assume that there may be the odd rumblings of discontent, the welps have very little to no say in their fates unless they wish to see a rather rapid end to it.

The Pack Masters*
A step up from the Welp, the Pack Master acts as a form of semi lieutenant. These Lupus are the Alpha’s chosen, his loyalist sycophants, and the most savage of his attack dogs. Pack Masters are given the first run of the food and act as the Alphas enforcers throughout the den. Seemingly larger than their welp brethren, most likely down to their food intake and persistent need to assert their dominance. In truth, they represent the odd form of Meritocracy that exists within the Fletchersburg Pack, a curious twisting of society at its most primal.

The Alpha: The Lupus Tyrannus
Like many of its compatriots, the Lupus Alpha is a beast beyond comparison. The largest, fastest and strongest of the pack, these creatures maintain their dominance in a way rarely seen in the modern world. The Lupus Alpha is, however, a curious beast, though only one has been seen during our time in Fletchersburg, its combative abilities were unique, to say the least. When in combat, the creature seems to have a distinct means to evolve its form, growing larger throughout the fight and seemingly as its health deteriorates. The Alphas death also seems to heavily affect the rest of the pack, the lesser creatures are struck with a sense of overwhelming fear, most likely due in part to their loss of hierarchy and food supply.

As of writing, no known weaknesses are available.

*The pack master is theoretical and requires more evidence before confirmation of existence.

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Chapter Three: Daedra-Thropes

It would not be far-fetched to assume the origins of the Beastial Blood Virus are somewhat tied to the demons that have so often plagued Alm. Yet if there was ever a creature that gives credence to this notion it would be that of the Daedra-thrope. A curious creature, malformed and twisted in a way even Therians can not help but wince at. These barely held together amalgamations of both beast and demons are seemingly found in the darkest and most isolated of locations. Be it mines or cave networks, the Daedra-Thrope thrives in the pitch black, with a keen sense of dark sight and a way to shift their forms to suit their needs. It could be suggested that the thrope lacks a solid form and acts more like a diluted sludge, shifting its appendages to get the most out of its hunt.

The Skitterer
The most basic form of Daedra-thrope, these strange spider-like creatures attack from the shadows, capable of scrabbling up walls and roofs alike with little struggle. It is this dexterity that allows the Skitter to catch its prey in the dark caverns it calls home, this also comes in handy should the prey prove to be more than capable of defending itself, its dexterity coupling with its almost cowardly levels of self-preservation to make a most annoying foe.

The Shrieker
Perhaps the most unique of the Therians encountered so far, the Shreker seems to be the Therians answer to a howling contest. Much like its kin, the creatures face in detestable to look out, with many a great number of eyes and gaping maw. However, it possesses an innate ability to bellow at high pitches, deafening opponents and disorientating. Its mannerisms during the mineshaft raid implied that the Shrieker acted as a form of defence, only appearing once the Alpha was destroyed and the den disturbed. Though this may be an isolated incident and not representative of the larger subspecies. Much like the therians lesser variants, the Therian is more than capable of holding its own, owing to its increased strength and ability to meld its form to its situation.

The Alpha: Hellhound
The Daedra-Thrope Alpha is by far one of the most curious of creatures, a strange beast just as capable as the other Alphas yet possessing a talent not seen in other Therians. During our battle with the beast, it became increasingly clear that it was capable of imitating our closest companions. This proved to be disconcerting given its lack of knowledge and certainly implies a level of Psionics or other mind-reading abilities. This power likely evolved from a need to trick, as hunting in the deep dark would require the Alpha to lure prey to it, be it through familiarity to the victim or fear of the voice in Question. Like most of the Daedra-Thropes however, the Alpha seems to lack a significant amount of sustain, seemingly quick enough to avoid or meld its form but with little defence once cornered.

Little to no defence against weapons once cornered or overwhelmed.



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Just as an OOC note, this is something I just fancied rewriting for Silas, it is full of conclusions and assumptions and most likely wrong in most cases however that's the fun of research my gamers!