Magic Suggestions


Staff member
I want to start off this proposal by commending the staff team on the current system of magic. So far, it has been an interesting experience and is very well done for the current state of the server. However, I have some suggestions to propose that could enhance the current system and perhaps make the spells more interesting for the players utilizing them.

  1. The current Magic Meta is very underpowered: Spells at the moment have a very small return value for their usefulness. Their effects are very mild and are not often consequential during events or combat encounters. Even the most useful spell (arguably the elemental bolt) is rather underpowered in its effects. It would be cool to see (with skill trees, questlines, or otherwise) more consequential magic so that mages are more viable. An example of this problem is the world shaper spell, which deceives with its name as the only usefulness it has is for moving one block of an element around.

  1. Some magic seems dull while others are more niche friendly: Currently the magical schools are varied in their approaches to casting. However, I will be specifically addressing this concern by using the elemental magic school. The elemental school of magic as it stands is lacking in terms of real effect. Shooting a fireball has no qualitative differences to shooting an icicle or a lightning bolt. What this creates in my opinion is a sort of dull reality for elemental mages, where the combat spells are reduced to a simple punch or dagger stab. It would be cool to see the elements actually featured in the spells, and with magic more generally. Seeing real world effects of magic is part of what creates the wonder of casting. It is what drives mages to research its power, and at the current moment it just doesn't seem very consequential.

  1. More Schools of Magic: The current schools of magic are rather limited in size and scope. Before delving into this suggestion, I do want to express my liking for the ones that are currently in the system. They each fit particular niches and have been interesting to explore. However, it would be cool to see more schools. When making my character, I didn’t exactly see a specific magical niche that would fit my character. I chose the ones I did purely off of the desire to quest for more specialized magic later. For some preliminary suggestions, I listed some:
    1. Mind Magic (Psionics)
    2. Illusionary magic
    3. Cosmic magic??
    4. Spell Scribing (I saw this in the original draft. I am sad it never made it :(

Potential Solutions

Fixing the issue of magic being underpowered is simple yet requires opening the gates to another way of handling magic. Magic in its most free form, where spells are corralled by discretional guidelines instead of hardened spell lists, offer the player more freedom in both casting and interesting RP outside of combat. Instead of a fireball dissipating and only delivering the damage of a punch, perhaps an actual fireball with real elemental effects. Instead of shaping the world one block at a time, perhaps an allowance of larger scale casting with guidelines to ensure people aren’t lifting entire houses out of the ground.

Obviously the third suggestion has some fairly easy solutions to implement, which I provided in a list format below. Overall, I wanted to convey these suggestions with my raw thoughts because I have a lot of hope for this server to succeed. I hope these suggestions are carefully considered and at the very least discussed. Thank you all for reading.