Mayoral Announcement Lord's First Decree


Hotty Plutocrat

By the authority granted by governor Sivel
The Lord Regent’s Decree

Addendum I - The law barring the removal of shirts near public structures is now removed, and replaced with a new law regarding public Indecency. See the amended Watchmen code for more information.

Addendum II - The law instituting an honor duel system has been completely removed.

Addendum III - The previous mayoral decree stating nobody is to leave the city is lifted completely.

Addendum IV - Any and all Justicars, as well as council members, have been removed. The only positions of government that remain are the Lord Regent, Governor, The Guard and the Secretary. The Lord Regent will now judge any and all crimes classified as High and above. See the amended Watchmen code for more information.

Addendum V - The Ranger Core has been merged under the Watchmen banner, and a sub-commander assigned to delegate those of the guard who wish to operate outside the city walls. Xu Moshu has been appointed Ranger Captain, which is equal to a regular Centurion.

Addendum VI - There is now an established open door policy with the Lord Regent.

Addendum VII - Non-government officials may no longer participate or spectate government meetings and will be tried with trespassing

Addendum VIII - There is now an established Praetorian Guard under the Watchmen banner. They will act as elite protectors to the Lord Regent and other government officials.
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