Lol- look at this Draconiix Loser.


"The Mistake"
Staff member
~Hi there!~
I'm Draconiix23, also formally known as Dragonqueen23 by some! But really yall can just call me Dragon. As of currently I'm one of the 3 Build officers on the team helping out.. and as to how I got here? You can blame Shibani for that ;P

Random fun facts;
- My first place I started rping at was Massive and eventually grew into a 6 year and still ongoing discord rp with some good friends of mine.
-I have been a admin on at least 2 different rp servers as apart of Build team ;P (and I have made so.. many.. cities... ;o;)
-why 23? It's been one of my luckiest numbers in my life, but started out of course with my birthday being on Jan 23th.
-And apparently everyone thinks I'm a Furry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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