ItsYaBoiCrablegs, OneWithAName or as the heretics call me Owan


Hotty Plutocrat
Gamers I wish I had some speech for you here, like "Oh I'm a DND veteran that found minecraft to be such an expressive art form with my eighty paragraphs of- " Not important, anyway I'm Owan as the name suggests. I play Tangata Mate the orc chad who's saved more lives than life alert but is still hated for being abrasive... Okay so I may have just taken my personality and bumped it up to eleven when making him. Again not important. I also play Babatunde the bornean orangutan with a voice so low you'd be thunder struck by his breakfast order at waffle house. He's a beautiful man and a kindred soul.

Nothing else of note really, I'm experienced enough with RP, though again can't say I started on Dnd, that didn't come till much later. No I got my toxic roots on a StarWars roleplay server in a game called Garry's Mod with @Marston and I've been following him around ever since.

One last thing, I believe my favorite quote in the entire server is from Bumblebees when they said "I left all my fucks to give back in Pallomaire"