I'm gonna' teach em' how to say goodbye.


Hotty Plutocrat

A series of letters and writings gathered from a false stone in the town lighthouse
and placed in Kohatu's workshop on public display.
Translated from Balgruk to Trade Common

...I am writing these in belly of a stone toad, built thousands of years before my time. Not my proudest of moments however with the growing threats from both the colony and the dangers of the outer lands of Darroway my words must be written and I fear it's now or never.

To those I have wronged in my many years a sea born bandit, I will not apologize for if it was not me it'd have been another. All I can offer are my respects to those who fought and died at the cannons end of the Sea Blazer. And to the families of those affected, however faint the chance of this reaching you. Your fathers, brothers, sons, and even daughters fought valiantly and with pride.

To the more immediate peoples, the citizens of Hope's Landing, I can feel my time growing closer and weather it be by your hand or the dangers around us I am unsure. Whatever occurs my words remain the same. I did what I thought right. I truly believed Darroway could be a nation free of prejudice and with no ruling race, however my flame was dimmed day by day as the fighting continued. I am duly aware my actions and presence fanned these flames, however I will remind the people I did not spark the match that sent this city into a roaring cold war. That was the doing of Phillipe of Montgamy and Ankathia of the grove. My fist was never of iron but entirely absent in these matters, perhaps my greatest mistake will have been not intervening at the beginning.

To the common folk I offer you this with the wisdom I have earned, never cease to question the information you're given. Always press further in matters of debate and seek your own truth. But do not turn to accusations and pointing your blade to others without absolute proof.

To Phillipe @ContestedSnow My first friend after the betrayal I faced with Gryph, my rival, my enemy. It seems we're at odds once again, in all truth I expect yours will be the blade I stand against. I remember your fight with the midnight lady, I remember the golem, the rage eater, the bull, the Rokonda. Everything we've stood against, everything we've earned and lost along the way. You were my friend Phillipe and I will remember that when you take arms against me. In truth I have no words for you, we walk a mirrored path one light and one dark. To whom walks which, even I do not know the true answer.

To Ceridwen Illimora @Ryria You are aware my feelings, so long as you received my letter. That is all I can say on that matter. As a friend, you were difficult, rash, more abrasive than I at times. But under the layers of contradiction I believed you cared for me as you do most. Perhaps when we meet again I'll understand you better. And please ensure your daughter continues her path, I believe she embodies the ideals the second wave had when we founded Hope's Landing, inclusiveness, hope, and a childhood untainted by the troubles of Alm.

To those who've aided me so far, @Bit @Draconiix I offer my thanks for your silence and only wish you the best. My situation is difficult and I hope you'll never see these letters. Let your own paths be less troublesome and your broken friendships mend with time.

Finally to Te Tuma Whearo I ask your forgiveness among all else, and with my current state I expect I'll see you again soon, I hope Athiels waves have been calm for you. Neither of us chose to be born into the war but it happened away, I grew in that hardship, grew cold just as you did. I only wish you could have traveled the seas with me and seen all the joys Alm has to bring outside of South Breach and the Dull.

I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long my love.

...What will my legacy be in the end? A war monger that fought with orcish power? A labeled tyrant with no heart? In the end my legacy will be the bodies I've left in my wake and the friends I've lost to Wards embrace or a cold distance between us. I gained my power, yes. However I left nothing standing behind me. In the end I can think of only one way to mend this, even if in vein. A portion of my treasure will remain burred outside the city. Near the first blue flame column. If you take the funds and treasures inside I ask you use them to better Hope's Landing in your own way. Do not forget my dream of forging a home for all Alm's outcasts.


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On the end of the docks by the lighthouse sat a hunched over figure, wolf tail sprawled out over the ruined wood. Her one cyan eye gazing into the empty abyss of the sea.

“So much has happened since you left this world old friend.. Even through your ups and downs you were there doing what you believed to be right. I hope things are better for you in the next world. May your legacy live on as one of the greats.”

With that the one eyed Wolf Fae set a small wooden sail boat onto the water, slowly watching as it floated out to sea.