Rejected Holy Paladin Pursuits

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IGN of group leader: pixYcandi
IGN of group members: @pixYcandi @The_Grosskomtur @Shibani @Gar_Field_ @The_Hochmeister
IC names of the group leader and group members: Quentin, Klaus, Julianne, Aelia, Lothair
Timezone of the adventuring party: CST
Preferred date of the adventuring party: March 13th would be ideal.
Challenge Rating: Medium to Hard would be great!
Event Keywords: Adventuring, Amyrian Religion exploration, Combat
Brief Description of the event you want: Quests to go find artifacts, give us puzzles to solve pls, Amyrian religion exploration/discovery, we want to fight demons.
@BigKahuna @Percuriam @Ryria
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