Creature Feature HereticTakao's Staff Introduction


Wicked Witch of the Midwest
Staff member

Hello! Most know me as HereticTakao or as singularly Heretic / Takao, or as various other personal nicknames. My pronouns are he/they. I’m in the Lore department, so I write lore pages (or rather page, as I’ve only finished one heh), and review character apps/whitelist apps.

Here are a few quick facts about me!

  • I’ve been interested in creative writing ever since I was like, a baby basically. My strong suit lies in occult fantasy.
  • I watch a lot of TV shows. Here’s a side (short) list of the shows I’ve watched/are watching if you want to rave about it with me.
    • Lucifer
    • Supernatural
    • The Umbrella Academy
    • The Boys
    • Gilmore Girls (both the original seven-season run and the revival)
  • I like theatre, a lot! So much I’m going to be a theatre major when I go off to college (so lame, right?)
I’m open to any questions if y’all got ‘em!