"Grounder" The Ballista


Hotty Plutocrat
Rnagi had gotten tired of waiting around for problems to show themselves. After hauling back fresh lumber and repairing the bridge with team smithy Rangi found some time as the rest settled in. Pulling Adeline aside to acquire her hammer and nails he set to work.

Sawing and pulling apart four small, skinny planks. Setting the four aside he'd cut out a much bigger plank, carving it into a large Y shape and whittling down what he couldn't just cut. Nailing the four support beams in place with triangular stabilizer pieces he let the stand... well stand on its own to make sure it'd work.
Having finished that and taking off his pea coat he'd again start singing his favorite song for the tired and weary sailor.

"♪Ohm... from the bars of my /jail/ the gallows, they look cruel. There's no wind in my /sail/ I'm a love struck fool. For waltzing with sweet Nancy, I'll be dancing on a noose. A woman's love could save me, that is not the fate she choose. I've got the jolly roger blues.♪"

While the strawberry orc sand he'd been scraping away at an extra long board of wood, ensuring one side was absolutely flat and setting it up on the Y stand. There stand would have very little in the way of horizontal movement but plenty of vertical range. Now was the hardest part of the whole thing. Using a knife having no hand drill he carved two holes on either end of a the board, repeating this process on another and lining the two up to match. Here he'd spend several hours building the wooden wrenches and connecting both ropes to some young branches that'd had been whittled down to bow arms for such a small ballista. Along with building the box around them to keep the limbs from spinning out when the ropes are twisted.

"♪My cannons are silent, my crossbows are gone, my cutlass is broke-en, my parot has flooown. For waltzing with sweet Nancy I'll be dancing on a noose.♪"

Having assembled most of the frame now was the time for Rangi to begin work on the machine itself. With assistance from TEAM SMITHYhe had a small wheel up wood with nice bordering edges to spin rope on. Statin gout he'd take the wax gathered by generous settlers and coat the rope with a heavy portion of it. Allowing it to cool he'd of course nail the pully wheel onto the back of the ballista in such a way that it's free to spin and cock the bow, but still close enough not to cause any issue. Apon the strings drying, he'd wind it around around the bow strings and down onto a nail he'd hammered into the launching board for the time. Only for the string to set. Once finished he'd remove said nail, allowing the bow to dry fire and set in place a metal trigger plate forged by Adie. A simple latch looking like two iron pincers would hold the string back, and at the pull of a trigger both would split apart like pliers.

The weapon was almost ready. After carvng a long trench for the bolts and attaching the various pieces that hadn't already been nailed or screwed in it was ready. Now all that remained were the bolts, and Rangi would have a weapon to ground a massive horror bird.

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