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Basic Information .

Gilligan Tolus Kearney

1609045095517.png. Visual Information .1609045097832.png


1609045150569.pngPhysical Appearance:
A rather short faefolke standing at 5’6”, sporting bushy, soft red hair on his head and his legs. Cloven hooves replace his feet, his legs shaped like that of a domestic goat. His features are round, his chubby cheeks adorned with freckles canvased on autumnal bright orange skin. He sports brown, round eyes, and floppy ears that perk and swivel with his expression.
He is quite chubby, having fat in both his complexion and his body. And although it is not revealed due to his large coat, he also has a bushy, fluffy tail.
1609045387875.pngClothing Description:
Gilligan’s wardrobe changes with the seasons, but typically tries to wear clothing that will cover his skin as much as possible, due to his anxiety over his body image.
He wears a large brown coat with a fur-lined hood, perfect for staying warm. Underneath is a brown sweater, and over his shoulders lay a scarf from his father. He wears comfortable pants, which he has had to adjust to fit his goat-like legs. He prefers to cover his hocks with bandages and wrappings to keep them from getting blisters whilst walking.
Gilligan is near-sighted, and wears glasses to amend for this. The frames are large and round, giving him a dorky appearance.
Inventory Description:
Everything that Gill carries on him is kept in a satchel he always has on his person. It has seen better days, but gets the job done when it comes to carrying items.

  • Inside of his satchel he carries:
    • A journal with a charcoal stick tied to the spine, for taking notes
    • A medical kit
    • Some snacks, including half a loaf of bread, wrapped cheese, and berries
    • A handful of butterscotch candies
    • A small dagger
    • And an extra charcoal stick, just in case.
    • The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card
    • The Book of Bets

Skills and Hobbies .



Through his Riverfolke mentor, Edmee, Gill was able to gain access to the art of the arcane after several persistent years. Though he is still an apprentice, he works diligently to hone his craft and work as a means of devotion towards greenery and healing. He hopes to continue his studies outside of Pallomaire, which luckily he hopes to never go back to.

Magical Abilities:
  • Spirit of the Wilds
    • Gilligans spirit normally manifests as a chicken, he has lovingly named Beatrice.
  • Naturecraft
  • Plantverse
  • Arcane Bolt
  • Arcane Reach
  • Sprout of Tal'darah
  • Speech of Leaf


Healing/Medicine: Growing up with a pit fighter meant that Gilligan's father would come home with injuries nightly. Learning how to heal was his way of coping with the sight, taking direct action against the wounds he would see. He is skilled with amending physical injury as well as apothecary, being able to make his own tinctures and salves.

A hobby he picked up from home, Gill feels most at home when he is amongst the greenery. Plants cannot judge or mock you, they simply are what they are. Gill enjoys tending to plants and particularly enjoys flowers. One day, he hopes to have his own herbal garden and make his own medicines from it.

Gilligans mother was a talented musician, her voice angelic and able to captivate anyone who listens. She taught this skill to Gill, teaching him to read sheet music to a basic degree and perform with his voice. It is not something he practices publicly and prefers to keep it as a closeted hobby that he indulges in every so often.

  • Common
  • High / Low Amyrian

1609045335760.png. Personal Information .1609045338312.png

Personality & Attributes:

Gilligan may be one of the Fae, but he has grown up with a human family who has treated him as one of their own. As such, he acts with politeness and formality, friendly and kind to all who come his way. It is obvious he holds some anxiety in his stride, though he is always well-meaning. He would never intentionally be cruel to others, and will hold immense guilt if he ever gets an inkling of a thought that someone has had a mood soured because of him.
He is passive to a fault, being quite the doormat when it comes to others, including people he trusts. He is not wholly aware of social actions, so some cues of manipulation and negative attributes will fly right over his wooly noggin.

When it comes to the things he is passionate about, he will not hesitate to demonstrate excitement and enthusiasm, rambling on and on until the person near falls asleep. This is something he is trying to do less of.

Life Story

WIP :)

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~ Character Application Review Time! ~
Hello! Okay, so I'll just preface this whole review with the fact that the meat of the application, your story and all your answers, is really really good! There's just a couple nitpicks spread around the document for me to make, mostly formatting and little things. So! Let's hop right into this!

First off! In your intro paragraph, you don't have your answers italicized, which is what you did throughout the rest of your character application. I would suggest italicizing them to match, or switching the rest of your application to non-italicized, whichever you prefer.

Second, in your physical appearance tab, you say "Cloven hooves replace his feet, his legs shaped that of a domestic goat." You might want to change it to "his legs shaped like that of a domestic goat."

Similarly, in your inventory description, you say "Four Empty Vials" when instead you should change the capitalization to "Four empty vials" to fit the rest of your bullet list's formatting.

You might want to cut off the (Required) tag that you have on both the Skills and Hobbies and the Personal Information subheaders, to fit with the rest of the application.

A couple more grammar bits. In your Healing/Medicine tab, it should be "Gilligan's father" instead of "Gilligans father." Meanwhile, in the Singing tab, "his Mother" shouldn't be capitalized.

Speaking of the Singing tab, I would really like to see a bit more there, because it seems a bit weaker than your other hobby blurbs. Maybe add an extra couple sentences on what kind of music he enjoys singing, what type of voice he has, or even just whether he enjoys it or not!

Second-to-last, in your Life Story, Gilligan has a really big family (by my count, 11 people), particularly for a lower-class Amyrian family, who would already struggle on a regular basis to just survive the aggressive taxation policies of the Amyrian Empire, even without being such a large group of people. I would like to see some justification why an family from a famously xenophobic nation would willingly take on the burden of an extra mouth to feed, especially when that mouth isn't human.

Finally, in the 3rd and 5th paragraphs of your Life Story, you say "Gilligans" again instead of "Gilligan's." Don't worry about it, it's just a little mistake!

Well there you go! Tag me or ping me on discord once you've finished the edits! Merry Christmas, Sam!
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just added some hip new bulletpoints and such, and the backstory is done! feel free to look and judge my messy writing
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🎇 welcome to the magic update! i've added magic as gilligans main proficiency and his cantrips as well


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did some edits to gills backstory- replaced gills mentor with a sephyrran elf to a riverfolke human! i thought the themes of mellowmire fit better, and removed the themes of te'fil in gills background to reflect that! Also I have given him singing as a hobby, replacing what he had before.
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i've updated gills sheet to reflect the updated cantrips for the server, and I will SOON update the rest of the sheet, including his backstory! which desperately needs a rehaul