Darroway's Fall


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Darroway’s Fall
Letters printed and stamped with the lion's seal are scattered on most posts and hard-faces around Hope's Landing in plea of a response from the people and state. The paper is weathered, some with holes in them- others with scattered marks. Each one had the same wordage in a legible text that was readable. Some preachers would even take to yelling out the notice within the streats of Hope's Landing, especially by Ruby's Lyres.

Arrogance is like the great pestilence that has burdened the people of Alm time and time again. It sits in it’s terrifying stagnant nature until it decides to make itself known, infecting one weak soul after another beforelong, there is a pandemic. Tens of millions dying the worst death possible, as those who can aid will happily infect themselves if it means one more life saved. Though did this all start because one person didn’t wash their hands? No. It started because the population ignored the glaring facts that sat in front of them.

These facts sit in front of Darroway right now.

Your homes have been toppled by the unholy, and you’ve sat by and watched, looked hell in the eyes and rebuilt your homes, retained your trades and tried to move on. There is no doubt that the people of Hope’s Landing are exhausted, but there is more work to be done within your own town. We cannot settle for the bare minimum of the decent living afforded to us until the next attack, or until our own infrastructure collapses on itself. As of now Darroway is a lawless land, with words printed on paper that are inconsequential and hold no substance until someone enforces them. I will not vise for political structure or the bickering of thinning-hair men shouting their aspirations across the room, hoping to be heard over their ego. I will not ask for a hierarchy and advisors to be seated. I will not ask for a thousand men to invade people's homes and divide the residents.

I ask for this; a collective force who protects the legislation put out by the people's voices to enable the public eye to focus on the real threats, the origin of these past crimes, instead of looking internally. This gives people security and the closure that they demand and that they damn well deserve.

I, Decimus Hadrainus II of Pallomaire will be the first to put forward the Blackwynn’s Watch. The collective force of Darroway’s finest men and women to protect this island from internal collapse. This is the first initiative to make justice the forefront of what Darroway stands for in it’s finest glory. Whether it be cloth and pitchforks, or plate and hardened steel, Hope’s Landing will be defended.

To defend your homes, place your mail within the Ruby Lyre’s Tavern, there it will be forwarded to me, all will be accepted unless you are a known criminal to Darroway, or not of mature age.

(Please DM @Zsel#3861 with your letter so I can add you to the group.)
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