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A custom items team is a team led by one trusted staff member and players (Or other staff members) that have the ability to create in game custom items. With this team in play and existing here on waymaker I will be able to list all the Pro's and Cons of this team below.
First I will mention the big question.. "Why would we want this?"
  • This gives players the ability to be as creative as they can with their personal items, from a simple craft to a beautiful fork to a powerful mace are not just simple pieces of tools; they are personalized to the household and user.​
  • This keeps a track record of every single item existing in the server, nobody able to sneak items in without a CIT approval.​
  • This gives Smiths, Woodworkers, Bakers, Tailors, and Artists a chance to create personalized items for people through an application format that will promote gold trade between players.​
  • Of course this will be Application Formatted on the Forums, this gives the forums more activity; people reading it more clicking on the wiki more and overall players whom can't log on everyday via Minecraft server (Like I) can still do some work and roleplay through the forums.​
  • Over all gives flavor and customization for players in the most simple way, and gives a "Interest" to the crafting professions like a reward for someone's hard work.​

  • At times I will admit, things get backed up; no matter where any CIT team will at one point be hit with a heavy load of applications that can be backed up to a whole week!
  • Rules. You will need to make rules and caps: Minimum of 2 apps up per player to avoid flooding the team | Every app no matter if it's just a small fork needs approval | Any lore submissions or inventions will 100% need to have its own sub forum section | 50 Characters per line (flexibility due to line borders. | Will you charge players to make custom items?
  • Material system. Something simple for starters. Example one sword = 1 oak wood 1 iron. One halberd would be = 2 oak wood 1 iron one short sword = 1 stick 1 iron. Don't have too but would make it easier if players had questions.
  • At times, players can get a bit handy and specific about items; but everything goes both ways we're all here to have fun.

"Why would we want this?"
It will be fun! Peoples items would be very pretty! The application can be as simple as this:
Character name:
How many copies (Including the original):
Is this item magical?:
Items used:

Lore Line 2:
Lore Line 3:
Lore Line 4:
Lore Line 5:
Lore Line 6:
Lore Line 7:
Lore Line 8:
Lore Line 9:
Lore Line 10:
Lore Line 11:
Lore Line 12:
Lore Line 13:
Lore Line 14:
Lore Line 15:
Lore Line 16:
Lore Line 17:
Lore Line 18:
Lore Line 19:
Lore Line 20:

(Lore lines help for staff to literally copy and paste.)
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I feel like this post was made without knowing about the pre-existing way custom items are given out on Waymaker, so I'd like to clarify that to be sure:

The event team is in charge of giving out custom items, and they do it based on in-game interactions wherein the players can:
- A: For low-level custom items, simply RP out the crafting of it and provide a general reasoning for why the item has come to be in-character
- B: For high-level/powerful items: provide valid justification and approval to have an item, and run some form of event wherein the player receives items
Rather than players completely customizing their own item details, they generally provide a starting point of what item they want and why their character would have it, and the event team takes creative freedom from there to adapt the idea into something lore-compliant and well designed.
Many custom items in circulation on the server are completely the invention of the event team and just taken by whichever player wants it most or in some way earned it at any given public event.

There are also some incomplete plans for a future system of slightly more automated / player managed (no event team DM present) crafting that are still in the works (and I don't honestly know what those plans are myself other than that they exist, would have to ask Hoch for better detail)

If you already knew this, or you didn't but you still think this proposal is worthwhile, could you please explain the benefits you see this system providing over the existing system?


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Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond! It's appreciated and I enjoy the interaction.

"The event team is in charge of giving out custom items, and they do it based on in-game interactions wherein the players can:
- A: For low-level custom items, simply RP out the crafting of it and provide a general reasoning for why the item has come to be in-character"

I love this system, It really gives interaction through roleplay. For starters I want to make it clear that the suggestion above is not a replacement, but an Addition to the current system in place. The benefits of an addition to the current system could be:
  • Schedules - Often at times, even I am guilty of such myself; players find themselves very busy. It can be a moment where when a player is free, there are not Dm's around to give that interaction of Crafting Roleplay. So no big deal, they could easily go on the forum; screenshot the roleplay of them creating the item (Or submitting the roleplay) or even a back story! This saves the player from 'missing out' in a sense or not being able to create items for their friends or customers.
  • Low level custom item - This additional add on to the current system can be used strictly for only Low level custom items, if someone is baking a nice juicy steak and details the roleplay of spicing it; they can make a quick application on the forums with the lore lines detailing their taste. Saving the ET member time, and having players items to explain what they are interacting with.
  • Splitting the DM's - If players preference the forum, it can have Dm's focus less on crafting rp and relieve them of the task. This can open Dm's to more things.
  • Customization - I personally enjoy customizing the borders of my posts. An example below. Just a quote, brackets; and the rest o the lore lines can be filled with what kind of weapon it is and whom it was created by.
Lore Line 2: &b"&eWill each cut be dedicated to good? Or evil?
Lore Line 3: &eNo matter, good always &c&oPrevail.&b"
Lore Line 4:&4┃&b◈◈◈&f┊&6❀&f┊ &7««««««&3《 &f&l➸&3 》&7»»»»»» &f┊&6❀&f┊&b◈◈◈&4┃