Important Commands And Features That Players Can Use On Waymaker

This is important, please read it.
Commands And Features That You (Yes, You!) Can Use On Waymaker!

Here's a big list of commands and other features you can use as a player on waymaker. This list will not include features only staff can use (there's a separate post in the staff-only section for that). Things that only donators can use are also listed elsewhere.

Note that many commands can be shorthanded, for example "/reply" works as "/r", or "/ticket" works as "/ti", etc.

Basics / General:

- /help - Use this command in-game to get a dump of key information and basic options on Waymaker. Basically a condensed version of this giant post.

- /vote - This will show you a list of links that you can use to vote for Waymaker on some server list websites. This helps boost our status on those server lists, and in return you receive 3 Trade Gold per vote, up to 15 per day. These links are also at the top-right on this forum. The /vote command will tell you if you've already voted today or not.

- /sidebar - By default, when you join waymaker, you'll have a sidebar on the right side of your screen. This will list basic information like your current character, your location, your chat-channel, etc. You can hide this or re-show it via /sidebar

- /spawn - If you get lost or stuck, you can do /spawn to teleport back to the spawn point.

- /warp - We sometimes have public player warps made available for events and such. You can see any available event warps by typing "/warp" - if for example you see there's one named "spaceship" you can get there by typing "/warp spaceship"

- /ticket - If you need help with something, or you want a mini-event, or something like that, /ticket is the official way to contact staff for that type of thing (though for simple questions you can instead just ask in global chat or on discord or whatever).
To make a ticket, the syntax is "/ticket create [type] [message]" where "type" is 'build', 'event', or 'help' - so for example, "/ticket create event Hey my friends and I want to go on a hunting expedition!"
If you change your mind about a ticket, you can "/ticket cancel". Otherwise, a staff member will grab the ticket, help you with whatever you needed, and then mark the ticket complete for you.

/perks - If you've donated to Waymaker (the Founder one-time donation, the Wayfinder subscriptions, or even just Nitro boosted the public Discord), this command will show you a list of perks you got for donating, with clickable buttons to try them out. If you haven't donated, this command does nothing.


- Building/mining is disabled in the world except for in specific areas (a property you own, the mines, etc)

- Vanilla crafting is disabled, except for some basic wood crafting, and custom crafting

- The next 3 limits all summarize as "please stop dying in minecraft this is a roleplay server what are you doing":
-> PvP is disabled, except in a few designated PvP arenas
-> Hunger doesn't restore itself after you die so there's no benefit to offing yourself
-> If you die repeatedly in a short period of time, the "deaths door" system takes a hold of you and gives you a bunch of debuffs to encourage you to slow the heck down

Interacting With Other Players:

- Friends! You can mark your friends on the server with the /friends system
-> /friends list -> Shows your current list of friends.
-> /friends add [playername] -> Adds a player as your friend. This will show a message in their chat, either at the time you send it or when they next log in, where they can either click the "[Accept]" box to confirm they're your friend, or the "[Reject]" box if you're stinky.
-> /friends remove [playername] -> For when you thought they were your friend but actually they're stinky and weird.
-> /friends pending -> If you got a friend request but forgot about it, check there. It will also remind you of pending friend requests when you relog.
-> The names of your friends in chat, above their hand, and when you press tab will show in orange with a little heart icon.
-> A message will appear in chat when a friend logs in or out of the server.

- /alljoins - If you want to see everybody coming and going rather than just friends, use /alljoins to toggle seeing that.

- /refer [playername] - If you invited a new player to Waymaker, refer them with this command. Make sure to do the command BEFORE they join - you can't refer somebody that's already here. If that player joins and actively roleplays (for a decent length of time and actually using in-character chat a decent amount), you will receive a reward of 100 Trade Gold to thank you for inviting a new active player.

- You can at any time right-click a player to see a menu of interactions with that player. At the moment the interactions available are: viewing their character card, and poking them (just shows them a lil message, donators and staff also have a visual effect and a sound when they poke). In the future this menu will likely be expanded.

- /seen [player] - If you're wondering when a player was last around, this command will tell you. It will also let you know if they own properties/businesses, and what their discord name is.

The Chat System:

- /chat - This will give you a list of basic chat features in-game if you need a quick reference.

- /channel [channel] - You can swap between different chat channels. Channels available to normal players are Global, Local, and Whisper. Staff also have access to staff, event, and broadcast channels. You can for example swap to global chat with "/ch global", "/global", or "/g", up to your own preference.

- If you want to quickly send a message to specific channel, you can do for example "/g hi" - this will say "hi" in Global, without changing your current channel. Or if you want to whisper an emote, you could do "/w does a fancy emote+"

- /msg [playername] [message] - To send a private message to someone.
- /reply [message] - To reply to the last private message you got.
- /msg [playername] - This puts all chat you write going forward automatically into a private message with that player. It's like a temporary private chat channel.

- While in Local or Whisper chat, you can use a few special modifiers, here's some examples you can copy/paste into local chat:
-> This messages uses one exclamation point to exclaim!
-> This message uses two exclamations is a shout extra loud and far!!
-> does an emote+
-> does an emote. "Wow I sure am great at emoting!"+
-> does a long-range emote@
-> This message is out of character))
-> An environmental effect happens.]

- "/ch toggle global" if global chat is annoying and you want to hide it. Same command again to un-hide it.

- Note that local chat is only visible to players within 13 blocks of you. Whisper chat is visible up to 3 blocks. Whisper emotes go 3. Local emotes go 20. OOC is 13. Exclaims go 18. Shouts and long range announce-emotes go 30. Environmental goes 13.

- Emojis exist! For example, type :gold_star: in chat, and it will automatically turn into a gold star emoji! If you're typing a quick-channel command, like "/l", it will have tab completions after the ":". This doesn't work if you leave off the command due to minecraft limitations.

- Information embeds! You can embed your items, your character cards, your magical abilities, etc! This works by typing two opening brackets, then a keyword, then two closing brackets.
-> Type [[helditem]] or [[i]] in chat to embed your currently held item.
-> Type [[character]] or [[c]] in chat to embed your current character card.
-> Type [[item:slot#]] like [[item:5]] to embed a specific item from your inventory.
-> Type [[character:cardname]] or [[character:playername]] or [[character:playername:cardname]] to embed a different character.
-> Type [[ability:abilityname]] to embed an ability.
-> Type just about anything else between brackets to automatically search. Character name, ability name, item name, etc, as long as it's close enough there's a good chance it'll figure out what you meant.

- /roll - This is the base command to roll dice. You can do for example "/roll d20" to roll a 20-side die (it will give you a number from 1 to 20), or "/roll 3d6" to roll 3 6-sided dice, or "/roll d20 +5" to roll a 20-sided die with an advantage of 5 (you'll get a number from 5 to 25). This will be visible to everyone within local chat range of you.
- /rollsecret - Just like /roll, but only you can see it.
- /flip - Like /roll but flips a coin.
- /flipsecret - Like /rollsecret but with a coin.
- /card - Like /roll but pulls a random card from the standard deck of 52 cards.
- /cardsecret - /rollsecret but with a card.

- /initiative [range or player names] - For example "/initiative 15" will roll initiative on all players within 15 blocks range. This is, of course, if you have a group of players and you want to decide a random order for you to each do something in. You can also "/initiative last" to re-show yourself the last initiative result if you forgot.

- /mycolor #HEXRGB - If you want to make your own name stand out in chat for yourself, you can use this, like "/mycolor #00FF00" to make your own name vibrant green. This is only visible to you, nobody else sees the color. This is just to make it easier for you to find your own messages in chat or something like that.

- /chat color # - You can pick a local chat color from a set of some common colors. Type "/chat" to see the options, and click the one you like. This makes it easier for many players to read local chat, when different characters have slightly different colors to their text.

- Clickables and hoverables! A lot of text and symbols in chat can be hovered over for more information. Wondering what the purple flower next to a player's name is? Hover your mouse over it to find out! Often when a command shows up in chat, you can hover over it and will see "click here" - naturally, when you click there, it will run the command it's showing automatically.


- We have a dynamic map of the world at


- If you want to hide from the map, just type "/dynmap hide", and you can show yourself again via "/dynmap show". Hiding should only be done temporarily for things like secret event activity you don't want people finding out about.

Discord Bridge:

- We have Discord bridge with minecraft!

- You can link your accounts by going into the #bot-spam channel on Discord, and typing "!link (yourname)" while logged into the minecraft server. This will pop up a message in minecraft asking you to confirm. When you do confirm, your account will be connected.

- Once connected, you'll have immediate access on Discord to #global-chat, which lets you see in-game global chat from Discord, and reply to it. You can also type "!players" in that channel to see who's currently online.

- Being connected on Discord is also required to receives donation perks in-game, staff ranks if applicable, etc.

- We have plans to expand the Discord integration even further to give you more ways to connect and check in when you're not able to open Minecraft, so stay tuned for that!

Immersion Stuff:

- /float - Toggles automatic floating in water. So you can type that "/l swims happily+" emote without drowning.

- /sit - Sits yo butt on the floor. Note that some blocks are stools, meaning you can right-click on them to sit automatically. Press shift at any time to stand up.

- /sendletter [name] - While holding a signed book, you can send a letter to another player. This will be expanded in the future to contain some more in-character immersive stuff we have planned, but at the moment it's just to send a book. Use "/buybook" to get a writable book.

- /mailbox - Opens your mailbox if you've received a letter. You can also right-click a physical mailbox block at any time to do the same if you want to be extra immersive about it.

- /cry - Emotes the text "(Name) cries..." - donators also get a particle effect of tears.
- /spit - Emotes the text "(Name) spits." - donators also get a spit particle effect.
- /lick (thing) - Emotes the text "(Name) licks (thing)" - donators also get a sound effect.
- /kiss (thing) - Emotes the text "(Name) kisses (thing)" - donators also get a sound and particle.

Character Cards:

- /charactercard new [name] - Makes a new character card with a given name.
- /cc race [race] - Sets your card's race.
- /cc age [age] - Sets your card's age.
- /cc description [...] - Sets your card's description. Type "/cc description" alone to see some information about how to use that command properly.
- /cc view - Shows your current card info.
- /cc view [player] - Shows somebody else's card info.
- /cc list - Shows a list of your cards.
- /cc swap [card] - Swaps to a different card.
- /cc delete [card] - Deletes a character card you don't want anymore.
- /cc injure (time:[time]) [text] - Lists an injury on your character. Optionally specify like "time:3d" (for 3 days) to have the injury automatically go away after that time.
- /cc removeinjury [id] - Removes an injury by ID number.
- /cc injuries (player) - Shows your current injuries or somebody else's, with ID numbers.
- Note that staff can also add staff-applied injuries that only staff can remove from your card.

- /ooc - Disables your character card and marks you as Out Of Character. Any usage of local chat while ooc will automatically be forced as OOC mode.
- /afk - Just like /ooc but marks that your currently Away From Keyboard.
- Note that you can have both /ooc and /afk on at the same time.

Item Stuff:

- If you have custom loreitems, you will be protected from accidentally placing them as blocks or anything.

- Food items are stackable on Waymaker, even though they aren't in vanilla.

- We have customized fishing, with alternate fishable items and automatically generated lore identifying who caught the fish.

- /enderchest - Opens your enderchest at any time anywhere.

- /library - Browse a list of purchasable books.

- /buybook - A shop to buy a writable book, useful for sending letters.

- /give [player] - Gives the item in your hand to the named player - only if that player is close by.

- /hat - This puts your held item atop your head. Default players have a limited range of blocks allowed on your head, donators get a wider range.

- Note that custom items are made by the event team on Waymaker.


- Money on waymaker is called Trade Gold, or TG for short.

- Money is sometimes represented as Trade Pennies (worth 1 TG each), Trade Staters (worth 10 TG each), and Trade Lions (worth 100 TG each).


- /balance - Shows your current balance of trade gold.

- /pay [player] [amount] - Sends the specified amount of your money to another player.

- /withdraw [amount] - Withdraws your money as currency items. For example, "/withdraw 10s" withdraws 10 staters.

- /deposit - Deposits a currency item in your hand into your balance.

NPCs And Shops:

- We have NPCs in various places around the world. For example, at the lumber mill there's an NPC that sells axes and wood.


- You can right click an NPC to interact with them. Some have inventory shops, some have interactive dialogues, others do other things.


- We currently have two mining areas on the server: The LumberMill (has wood), and the Mines (has stone, coal, and iron).


- You can go to a mining area to, y'know, mine stuff.

- You can either keep the blocks you mine, or sell them to a nearby NPC for a bit of trade gold.

- There are NPCs in front of the mining areas that can sell you tools like axes. More valuable tools last longer.

- Drops from mining are not vanilla - they have custom lore, and some random variation. For example, mining stone, there's certain percentage chances of various uncommon types of stone dropping, and very low chances of certain rare items dropping.

- There's a limit on how much you can mine in any one day (fun fact: the first day we added mining, we didn't have this limit, and one player stayed on for over 20 hours straight just mining, and earned 3000 TG from selling it all back to an NPC. This is why we have a limit now!). When you hit the limit, it will tell you that you're too exhausted to continue. You can come back the next day to mine some more.


- When walking around town, you'll notice messages like "Now entering Tavern (Owned by CrazyTavernLady)". This message is informing you that you have walked into a Property.

- Properties can be bought permanently by a player, or rented on a monthly basis. Buying generally involves staff approval, while renting can be done on your own. Buying also is usually very expensive, while renting is not.

- Each player can rent or buy only one personal property at a time (not counting a business property, see below). If you want to move somewhere, you have to un-claim your old property.

- Inside a property, only the owner or property-members can place/break blocks, open chests, etc.

- /property list - Shows a list of all properties, sorted by whether they're claimed already or not.

- /property info (name) - Shows information about the property you're in, or the one you've named.

- /property rent [name] - Rents a property. Only works if not already owned, of course. You will have to pay the rent cost up-front, and then again each month after.

- /property buy [name] - Buys a property if available.

- As the owner of a property:
-> /property pay [name] - Pays your monthly rent on a property. You will be alerted if this is needed. There is an extra month of leeway for late payments before you lose ownership.
-> /property transfer [name] [playername] - Gives your property to somebody else.
-> /property description [...] - Changes the description of your property.
-> /property addmember [name] [playername] - Gives a player access to your property.
-> /property removemember [name] [playername] - Revokes a player's access.
-> /property unclaim [name] -> Gives up a property.


- Businesses exist.

- Businesses can be applied for in the relevant forum section, and are created in-game by staff when approved.

- Each business can own one property.

- /business list - Shows a list of businesses.

- /business info [name] - Shows information about a business.

- /business pay [name] [#] - Pays some trade gold to a business.

- As the owner of a business:
-> /business history [name] - Shows economy history for the business.
-> /business addmember [name] [playername] - Adds a ranking member of the business. They can manage your money, so choose players wisely! To add employees with block access, use "/property addmember" instead.
-> /business removemember [name] [playername] - Removes a ranking member of the business.
-> /business claimproperty [name] [property] - Rents a property to the business.
-> /business buyproperty [name] [property] - Buys a property for the business.
-> /business unclaimproperty [name] [property] - Gives up a business's claim to a propery.
-> /business description [name] [...] - Changes the description of your business.
-> /business withdraw [name] [#] - Takes money from the business into your own account.

Other Oddities:

- /questbook - Views a book of quests. Currently not in use.

- There are doors and gates that can be activated by clicking buttons and levers. Some doors are secret and don't have buttons, and so can only be activated by knowing what block to click on.

- We have custom jukeboxes! Instead of music discs, there's an interface with fine-tuned control over what to play and how to play it.

- Easter eggs! There aren't not hidden buttons and commands that don't not do stuff when you clickn't them.[/I]
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