[Closed] Act Quick: Skin Raffle!


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Act Quick: Skin Raffle!


I'm opening a raffle to give two people out of all of those who enter it a chance to win a free skin which they can fully request as to what it is to me in private! An example of my skins can be seen in the Examples section of my skin shop. There is a single twist to enter the raffle itself, and virtually the only highlighted rule of the raffle. To have your raffle submission be valid, you have to advertise the Waymaker Server somewhere online or even in person; of course, be sure not to break any rules of other communities or sites that prohibit advertising. Besides this and the rules below, go at it!

Deadline to submit: 1/28/2021, 11:59/23:59 PM EST; https://bit.ly/2XxOtvW (Countdown Until Deadline)

Rules of the Raffle:
  1. You can only have one raffle submission going under your name (Meaning you cannot have other people submit a raffle ticket for you if you already have a submission under your name. You may, however, put in a submission for another player).
  2. You must advertise the Waymaker Server/Wiki/Forums somewhere and provide evidence of your advertisement.
  3. I will be choosing the two winners of the raffle within a designated area and by using the /roll command. I'll of course allow people to watch OOCly; I'll disclose the chosen location of the raffle drawing when the deadline is reached.
    1. You will be assigned raffle numbers chronologically from the first submission to the last, and I will then roll 1-to-however many people put in a valid submission.
  4. The skins that will be made for the winners of the raffle aren't guaranteed to come within a set amount of time. I will, however, work as convenient as I can on them to provide utmost quality.

Raffle Submission Format:
In-game Name:
Discord Username:
(You can send me this in private if you so wish)
Proof of Server Advertisement: (Screenshot and/or Link to where you advertised)

Approved Entrees:
- @Bit
- @Ketchup
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BitTimberwolf (character's name is Nikati)

Proof of advertising (this is on my Instagram as well as pretty much all my other posts recently have advertising waymaker)