Christmas Update 2021


Merry Christmas, Wayfinders!
It’s been awhile since we last updated you, so let’s catch up.

Since closing in August, WaymakerMC as a server concept has gone through a plethora of changes, stemming from the core gameplay to the overall theme of the server. This means that the lore is changing, and so is the world that you’re going to be roleplaying in. Yes, you heard that correctly; We’re moving away from Darroway.

Our new location is called Danary, and it is established to be one of Alm’s largest trade empires. We feel that this change will be welcomed among you, as a change in scenery to a more established “city life” environment has been highly requested.

WaymakerMC is also updating its gameplay. We are a roleplay server, and won’t become an MCMMO server, however, we do find that helpful scripts structured in the likeness of D&D 5E systems ease roleplay for everyone involved! Our goal is to create an experience where the scripts compliment our roleplay world and bring it to life, and although some of what we’re doing is ambitious, we have confidence that it will be worth the wait.

A few of the lore changes will include an entirely new global map, as well as a few new races, cultures, world history, and overall less apocalyptic global circumstances. It will still be moderately fantasy, but the world we aim to create is one that is familiar with notes of inspiration from the real world.

Danary as a roleplay location will be featuring larger and more organized builds. Over the past year, WaymakerMC has been through a lot of experimentation in terms of styles and themes, and through trial and error, we have landed on the idealized form of our new location. The city will be another port city, as this was generally well received as a concept in the past, although Danary’s execution will be far larger than our previous endeavors, as it will be a proper grand city, closer to a capital of a prosperous trade nation rather than a small town or settlement. This means that the houses will be increased in size from our prior housing, and so will the overall scale of the build in its entirety.

The government will still be played and able to be altered or developed by players. Since there’s a lot going into this part of the update, we think it’s best to, at least for now, summarize this briefly, and dedicate another post to it in the future to explain more.

What can we expect from here on out?
What you can expect are a few more updates like these before we enter a second beta testing phase. Since there’s so much changing, we encourage you to maintain an open mind, and treat it like a new roleplay experience when the time comes.



Work in Progress of the Global Map


Work in Progress of Our New Site


Work in Progress of Danary’s Build Style






… And much more to come! Stay tuned, and thank you for supporting us!
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Booya! *This is going to be epic* ;P