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Basic Information
: Cassiel 'Cas' Lhaineth
Amyrian Name: Felix Kohler (A name assigned to him when he was working and studying at the University, as non-Amyrian names are not allowed.)
Race: Dah'jin, formerly Luvahrin Elf.
Age: 30.
Gender: Male, presents androgynously.

Visual Information

Physical Appearance:

A recently newborn Dah'jin, Cassiel has only begun showing the symptoms of his newfound affliction in the last few months. His formerly pale and near-translucent skin has begun to darken and take on a grey tinge, while pale blue eyes have dulled into a steely gray. The Dah'jin's hands have also begun blackening at the tips and sharpening themselves into claw-like appendages, while the top and bottom canine teeth in his mouth have grown equally sharp and have caused a number of mishaps while he has gotten used to eating with them. Otherwise, he appears as any Luvahrin would with white hair, an average yet lanky build, a height of 5'8", and ears that have been clipped on the end and pierced with two sets of silver earrings.

Clothing Description:
Cassiel is most used to uniforms deserving of his status or service and has no real possession or clothing of his own beyond what he was required to wear day in and day out for the University of Pallomaire, the Amyrian Infantry, or the Amyrian Inquisition. When he was serving as High Inquisitor underneath the High Lady Pontiff Celeria of Concordance he donned half-plate and ornate robes of yellow, silver, and white. Recently upon his escape and subsequent flight from the city of Pallomaire to the Island of Darroway Cassiel has donned a much simpler set of clothes and cut his hair off in an attempt to prevent being noticed or found.

Inventory Description:
  • A small satchel of medical supplies containing mostly herbal and pharmacological remedies of common origin.
  • The broken remains of an Inquisitor's Longsword, which was shattered during his trial and smuggled out by friends within.
  • A silver, semi-circle pendant. The matching half belongs and is still presumably worn by his twin sister.
  • Two pairs of black linen trousers, three sets of tailored shirts, a set of thin cloth gloves, and a pair of well-made leather boots. All Amyrian style and origin.
  • An emblem denoting his rank and triumphs within the Inquisition, now defunct and useless due to being declared a heretic and sentenced to death.
  • His Aspect has not been fully manifested yet, so it has no concrete appearance beyond a lazy ball of black haze.
Skills and Hobbies


Traditional Medicine
- His main focus for most of his life, Cassiel was recruited into the non-human boarding school within the University of Pallomaire on tuition paid by his parents as he was considered to be one of the more 'gifted' healing students within his class. While he continued to teach and persue academic interests in medicine while he was working for the Inquisition everything he did under the service of the High Lady Pontiff strayed far from healing. AS he has returned to the Island of Darroway he understands that disguising as a healer is likely the best way to get himself into good graces with the people coming to the island and potentially help to find a cure for what ails him.


Swordplay - Something required of the Inquisition and a necessity during his brief service with the Amyrian Infantry, Cassiel spent a fair amount of time every week practicing with the weapon he was most comfortable with--the longsword. When he was removed from the Inquisition and sentenced to death the sword, specially forged for him and engraved with prayers and hymns to the Lady of Crystal, was shattered in front of the crowd that came to watch him hang. He can hold his own in a fight with the average swordsman or bandit, but couldn't beat a real soldier unless they were drunk and missing both legs.

Horticulture - Less of a hobby and more of a fascination, greenery became a fixation of the former Luvahrin when he came to the lush gardens of the University of Pallomaire from the dead landscape of the Bleakfjord. His studies of medicine have also required a decent understanding of herbal remedies, as he is fundamentally opposed to magical healing.

History - The second subject that he taught while working for the Inquisition and the University, Cassiel was required to study history as a core part of the University curriculum and has always kept it as a passing interest. His understanding is fairly rudimentary as far as general knowledge goes but he can hold his own in conversations.

Personal Information

Personality & Attributes:

Cassiel has always been tied up in work or studies since he was ten, so he is naturally attracted to things that keep his hands and his mind occupied. The Dah'jin struggles with small talk and plain, everyday conversation in all aspects and prefers to sit in silence and listen rather than actively engage in conversation for conversation's sake. He isn't reclusive or cold and is in fact amicable with most everyone that he meets. The Dah'jin has been known to be more blunt, analytical, and decisive than driven by emotion or desire in any context. He tends to prefer to work by himself or to coordinate with a small group of people when he is in charge of them, but has existed in a number of organizations and understands the worth of listening and following orders.

Life Story:

Birth to Age 10

  • Born to Luvahrin parents in one of the satellite settlements outside of the Frozen Library centered around a geothermal duct to allow for livable temperatures.
  • Born the oldest of two twins, and named after his great grandfather.
  • Showed an early interest in medicine and healing at the age of five, taking after his grandmother who was the town sage and priestess.
  • Was sponsored to the University of Pallomaire to learn traditional medicine, and was accepted on the grounds of hefty tuition and future military service.
  • Suffered heavily upon separation from his sister who he was very close to, but moved into a boarding house at the age of ten to begin his studies.
Age 11 to age 15
  • Begins learning the fundamentals of traditional medicine, struggles with a majority of his schooling but manages to be an average student.
  • Spends the majority of the five years nipping at the heels of professors and older students in an attempt to keep up with the information.
  • Eventually, he is required to take additional courses to balance out his education, investing in history because it seemed easy.
  • Graduates near the top of his class, and retains five years' worth of knowledge about medicine without any practice or practical application.
  • Begins to prepare for enlistment into his mandatory military service.
Age 16 to 20
  • Learns very quickly that he knows little to nothing about triage or actual healing, and has no practice so he retained nothing.
  • Spends most of the next five years educating himself and working together with other students to try and figure out medical problems on the front lines.
  • As no reinforcements are given to non-human frontline troops he begins learning swordplay out of necessity to defend himself.
  • Avoids death a number of times and also manages to prevent it fairly regularly.
  • Steps into a leadership role within the frontline forces before eventually being discharged at the end of his five years.
Age 21 to 30
  • Returns to the University of Pallomaire and is recruited to the Amyrian Inquisition after meeting the former Grandmaster Inquisitor.
  • Begins to work for the University teaching history and medicine while working for the Inquisition hunting mages, Mongrel Races, and heretics.
  • Ascends the ranks of the Inquisition despite the fact that he is a non-human due to diligence and willingness to spy on and betray other non-humans.
  • Eventually becomes one of the Inquisitions High Inquisitors, specifically tasked with advanced interrogation of mages and heretics.
  • Spends the better part of five years in this position before coming into contact with an otherworldy entity and being turned into a Dah'jin.
Recent to Now
  • Is removed from his position and publicly sentenced to death for communing with otherworldly evils.
  • Freed by a number of contacts within the Inquisition who understand the affliction and urge him to try and find a way to cure it.
  • Comes in contact with the only person he can think of that might help him, his twin sister.
  • Negotiates passage to Darroway for the both of them, assuming his Luvahrin name and cutting his hair in an attempt to disguise himself.
  • Arrives at the Island of Darroway in search of his sister and escape from the noose.


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