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Basic Information
Name: Bjornolf Mikkelsen
Race: Mountain Clan Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Visual Information
Physical Appearance:
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Honey Brown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200lbs
Clothing: Bjornolf adorns himself with typical Mountainfolk clothes consisting of furs and thick clothing, his usual outfit is made up of a thick red shearling coat and a wool shirt underneath with cloth wrapping around his hands and forearms. While he wears a large belt often adorned with a goat’s skull and thick brown trousers.

Additional Details: Bjonrolf is from a Ursanthrope Lineage cursed with a Nightbound shift much to his dismay. While he’s shifted he appears much like big ol Mordu from Brave although his fur keeps the Dark Red colour of his hair and he stands tall in this form at 7ft. The purchased traits for this form are;
-Hulking Form
-Therianthropic Regeneration

Inventory Description:
x1 The Foe of the Forest Axe
x43 Iron ore chunks
x2 gold ore chunks
x417 chunks of coal
x1 Death
x67 Fresh Bread

Skills and Hobbies
Primary Skill:

Hunter's Discipline
For the Mountainfolk and people of similar areas, hunting is a key part of life not only for food and pelts but to keep dangerous beasts away from their homes. Quickly ambushing their prey with arrows or Javelins, and occasionally using boar spears or large Dane axes to cut down ferocious beasts or people.
+5 Longbow or Javelin
+3 Spear or Dane Axe
+3 Unarmed Strikes
Public Use Discipline or Individual Combat Style: Public?

Secondary Skills:
- Bjornolf spent his childhood and teenage years watching his grandfather and his father hunt and butcher what they brought back into different cuts and sections, naturally he was intrigued and learnt the family trade from a young age. After years of butchering animals and livestock, Bjornolf can confidently butcher most animals or beasts he comes across.

Foraging - Another thing he learnt from his grandfather was how to forage for food in the wild, from berries to plants, herbs and mushrooms that could all be used in stews or soups. He only made use of this knowledge during his self exile, where he began to forage more than he hunted due to a lack of weapons. He’s learnt to have a generally good understanding of what he forages, especially with mushrooms where he can generally tell if they’re poisonous or cause psychedelic effects.

  • Combative; +5 Longbows & Javelins, +3 Spears & Dane Axes, +3 Unarmed Strikes
  • Affliction; Hulking Form, Therianthropic Regeneration, Bestial Body, Hemothaelia, Carnivorous Reach
  • Racial; Summit of the Spirits

Whittling, Swimming and Fishing are hobbies Bjorn enjoys doing in his free time.

Common & Hjallspek

Personal Information
Personality & Attributes:

True Neutral
Living in self-exile for so long has led Bjornolf to take on a much more neutral alignment as there’s not many concepts of good and order or evil and chaos to follow amongst nature. He simply does what he thinks is a good idea and could benefit him, without acting on prejudice or compulsion. This doesn’t mean Bjornolf will refuse to do any good things or bad things, but only what’s most beneficial for him.

Life Story:
Born on a particularly cold winter’s day, Bjornolf was an exceptionally healthy baby, being a healthy weight and slightly larger than average though this didn’t come as any surprise as his mother Yrsa was an Ursanthrope. So genetically passing the curse wasn’t an uncommon thing. Once he was born he showed strong signs of bearing the curse up until it turned tonight where the wee pale-skinned infant had his first shift and became...much to his father’s surprise a deep red-furred bear cub that promptly tried gnawing off his fingers.

After the finger gnawing incident there were measures put in place so the young lad couldn’t be a danger to himself or to the rest of the family which consisted of building a solid almost cell-like room where he was chained to the ground for the night as unlike how his Mother Yrsa could go into the forest away from people to shift for the night, Bjorn was still far too young yet. Though besides this setback of the curse, he had a relatively normal childhood as far as mountainfolk go. Helping out his father and grandfather with butchering animals by carrying knives or moving cuts of meat, stoking the fireplace in the home and when not doing that he’d be out in the woods collecting firewood, foraging for berries and mushrooms.

Though as Bjornolf reached his early teens his life took a considerable turn in routine as now he was old enough to not only begin learning how to hunt and fight with a longbow, spear, javelins and the like he was deemed old enough to go with his mother during the night into the woods. And so his days went from helping butcher animals and working on the land and occasionally going out to hunt when food began to get low, to going with his mother as the sun began to set and roaming the forest in his shifted form which began to progressively get larger and bulkier as he grew older, eventually having the strength to push over trees and shove small boulders.

After a couple of years of this routine with his mother, Bjornolf had gotten confident with his shifting as any young teen would be and decided to stay a night and rest in the old stone cell that was made for him as a child...however the brash young lad didn’t think to realise just how much stronger he had grown in his shifted form. And as a result, once the sunset and the moon began to rise, he shifted into his bear form and stared his father down before tearing the door and most of the wall to the cell away before tearing his father limb from limb. Once he had regained his consciousness and realised what he had done, it shattered Bjorn’s confidence and pride that had been built up.

It horrified the young teen and what he had done drove him to self-exile himself from the rest of his people, without leaving a note or any kind of sign he fled his home and into the woods leaving behind a destroyed house soaked in the blood and guts of his father. Not wanting to cure himself of the curse as he was taught being an Ursanthrope was the pinnacle connection between humans and the spirit guides, Bjornolf vowed he’d find some kind of way to control his curse so he’d never have to kill anyone he held close again.

And from then on, from 15 to 18 he lived deep in the forest and mountains in seclusion. On occasion, he’d meet the odd hunters or travellers but for the most part lived by himself, foraging for mushrooms and berries or attempting to spearfish. Aside from slowly becoming addicted to psychedelic mushrooms during his exile as he hoped they’d at least null the urge to hunt in his shifted form. But aside from that, there wasn’t really anything of note that happened in this time period, he simply lived off the land and did his best to survive.
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