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Literally Suffering
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The unending night that had plagued the island of Darroway for several months was black as ever, the only light cutting through the darkness came from the ornate carriages rustling down the poorly kept roadway. Their normal rate of travel had been slowed significantly by the dense fog hanging over the island which limited the vision of the caravan’s sentries. Within the central carriage was someone the people of Hope’s Landing had longed to see or hear direction from for some time; The Governess Sivel. Her absence and lacking leadership had been felt as the townspeople who had for months now scrambled to respond to the threat of the Midnight Court. Towards the front of the caravan, a sentry called for the procession to halt as he disembarked to survey the scene before him. Roughly thirty feet ahead of where the front carriage had come to a stop was a gruesome display of what could only be discerned as charred humanoid bodies. The sentry turned to try and scream warning to those who had remained at the caravan but no sound ever reached them.

Those who had stayed with the halted carriages merely saw the faint light from the sentry’s lantern drop near to the ground before abruptly halting and rising back to where it had been a moment ago. A pair of secondary watchmen, seemingly bored and underpaid, noticed the odd movement.

“I’ll bet you five-shine that arse tripped over his polished boots.” The larger of the two mumbled.

“Five?! Five doesn’t even get me thirty minutes with-” The lankier man began to respond before they noticed the light coming back towards them, slowly growing brighter. “Make it ten and deal.”

The larger man chuckled to himself with a nod as he stepped out towards their returning compatriot. “Have a wee bit of trouble did ya, Gerhard?” He called out.

The light stopped.

“Think he’s embarrassed.” The thin watchman taunted, stifling a laugh as his partner moved out towards the light.

“Alright, recruit, stop mucking abo-”

The larger man’s words were cut short as the light snuffed itself out and spindly limbs darker than the night emerged from where the void. The larger watchman had not a moment to react before the appendages ensnared him and ripped him back into the unnatural darkness with a piercing shriek.

The skinny watchman let out an almost equally loud scream as he turned to run back to the carriages where the remaining watchmen and the Governess’ personal guard were readying their weapons. Before he could take several steps, he felt his leg give out from under him as he plummeted into the ground. He looked down to his leg only to find his foot two paces behind him, his whole body shaking as a searing pain shot through him just before he fainted.

The rest of the guards stood ready, the watchmen armed with only gambesons and iron shortswords while the Governess’ personal guard stood ready in plate with ornate polearms. Tension and dread lingered in the air for what felt like an eternity to the collective of guardsmen before another ear-piercing shriek rang out from the ink-like darkness around them. The creatures, whatever they were, were very clearly toying with the caravan and Sivel knew this. Not content to sit and wait for whatever beast lurked in the night to come for her, Sivel pulled her dagger from its scabbard and joined the guards outside. Far less keen was her advisor who opted to remain inside of the relatively ornate carriage. A low rumbling resonated through the area, the bass of it causing even the carriages to vibrate slightly before an eerie silence settled around them.

Just as the caravan began letting its collective guard down, a massive creature of shadow darker than the night burst forward, sending the carriage Sivel had occupied until moments prior cascading down the adjacent cliffside. The Governess’ personal guard turned, halberds lowering their pointed ends towards it as they attempted to encircle it. In the same instant, two taller, skinnier demons emerged from the veil and rushed the lesser watchmen. To the horror of the watchmen, their blades passed through the creatures as though through the air itself. The talons of the demons however cut through the watchmen like a rusted, dull cleaver with each strike leaving jagged and brutal lacerations. Within a few minutes, only Sivel and three of her personal guards stood against the remaining three demons which had not sustained any injuries.

In a last-ditch effort to fulfill her mission, Sivel ordered two of the three guards to engage the demons so that she and the remaining guardsman could make their way to Hope’s Landing just down the way. Begrudgingly, the guards accepted their orders and charged the three demons as Sivel and her escort made a break for the opposite direction. To her horror, a new figure emerged from beyond the veil. A long-fingered, sharp-nailed hand extended and promptly wrapped itself around the Governess' neck, lifting her well into the air, a fill body's length above her bewildered escort. A childlike laugh came from beyond the darkness before the face with bulging, swollen eyes presented itself to Sivel. Out of desperation, Sivel's escort rushed the towering creature only to be met with the piercing talons of the creature's free hand running through his plate cuirass, his torso, and out the other side. The man could only gasp as Sivel frantically swung her dagger at the ghastly creature which only continued its disturbing giggling as it inched its face ever closer to her own. The creature's mouth curled at the corners into a smile that stretched practically around the sides of its head before it's unnaturally long teeth began spreading to engulf Sivel's head.

No screams were heard that night and come morning, smoke could be seen just over the hill from the North Gate of Hope's Landing.

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