An Announcement From The Council


From the Desk of Interim Council Leader:
26 February

Part I:

A code of dress is hereby established to be obeyed in public venues. A public venue is defined as anywhere beyond the boundaries of a private home, or property, OR in plain view of a road or public building. All citizens, regardless of gender, race, class, or creed must obey this code of dress. The code of public decency is as follows:

All parts of the torso, excluding the arms, from the collarbone to the hip, must be covered by a non-translucent fabric. This fabric is allowed to be unbuttoned to the third button, provided no nipple is exposed. The groin and buttock area should be concealed by a non-translucent fabric.

** Faefolk are excluded from this dress code in Full Shift only. Those with tails, ears, wings or other non-Human parts, these appendages do not require a fabric covering.

Those found to be in flagrant violation of the public decency code will be subject to criminal prosecution.

Part II:

The public is reminded that an expedition to save the soul of Rhyder is taking place on 28 February. This expedition is being led by Adelaide, who nobly risks her life to save one of our townspeople. Those brave men, women, and Fae who join her on the expedition are thanked heartily by the Council. Those who accept the great risk to attend the expedition will be provided for medically and will be recognized publicly for their bravery in life or in death.

Part III:

The election for the office of Mayor will be held on 1 March.

Philippe of Montmagny officially states his intent to run for the office, with Cadfael Ilimoira as his right-hand man. Others wishing to apply should make their announcements on this noticeboard, with their running mates.

Keep Faith
Philippe Corbcastell,
Justicar and Interim Council Leader.
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