A Tract on Light v2 | Abridged



-| A Tract on Light v2 |-
1st Edition Abridged
by Rosis, Octavius

It is no accident that Light and Crystal are often spoken in the same breath. All of Creation is, of course, subgradient. The purest Light can be refracted into its immediate subgradients. The purest Crystal is pure down to its very fractals. Crystal may mirror Crystal, a refraction of its very own. Crystal can even refract Light, divulging from its purest form the subgradients, or combining the myriad array of divisions into the one, truest Light once more.

Need Light be only that which defies shadow? Need Crystal be only that which is held?

Consider that Light and light may not be one in the same. Consider that a mountain is only stone, that stone is only dust, that no freshly-beaten rug remains forever without dust.

What Prism could turn a mountain into dust?

What Light could be as solid as stone?

What could be so pure that its very fractals are without flaw?

What uses could one find for a Mirror in a room without windows?