A Tract on Light v1 | Abridged



-| A Tract on Light v1 |-
1st Edition Abridged
by Rosis, Octavius

Is Light the natural state of things, or is Dark? Consider the nightly firmament, silken and serene. Light and Dark can be found here each in the twinkling of the stars, the gentle kiss of moonlight, and the unyielding void between these celestial bodies. It would be truly foolish to suggest that one or the other is unnatural, surely?

Consider a room without windows, lit by a thousand new candles. You are tasked with determining whether the room is lit or shadowed. At the beginning, it is very easy to correctly determine that the room is lit. Soon, though, each candle will melt away, drown itself in its own wax, or fall victim to an errant current of the air. What will you determine when five hundred candles remain lit? When ten? When one? When none? At the end, it is very easy to correctly determine that the room is shadowed. It is not impossible to replace old, dead candles with the new and fresh, and to set them aflame once more- but at what cost?

Could the heavens be a room without windows?

Have you seen a star sputter out?
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