Mayoral Announcement A statement on Gardens


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By the authority granted by governor Sivel
The Lord Regent’s Statement

No longer am I able to put the situation off. It has come to my attention a coven has formed outside our city walls, started by the fugitive Ankathia and has been
recruiting members on mass. They claim to be an organization devoted to peace and knowledge, for the time being we will give them the benefit of the doubt and honor their intents. However these individual's have already been over-reaching and for the benefit of the people it will be stated here they have no authority over Hope's Landing, Darroway, or her peoples.

For the matter of the fugitives' garden being burned we've charged the man responsible, he was pardoned on a vouch of good faith from Vanessa-Silver hand. To prevent further incidents, there are to be no more corpse gardens within or in close proximity to the city walls. The exception being the north western corner garden, it will remain do to the character of its owner.

Further more, I will see no more threats posted on the noticeboard. We have far too many enemies in front of us to be fighting one another. I ask you put your personal prides away and stand together. We have lost too much already, Jaster has already been maimed by the men standing against us. If any of you truly mean your claims to protecting, serving, what have you. You'll stop bickering and stand for this new nation and her people.

There is to be a meeting held Sunday the 4th between the Lord Regent, Governor Sivel if she is in health to attend, and all major faction leaders. This meeting is open to the public but as is with any, the government of Hope's Landing reserves the right to remove disruptions from the council chamber. The meeting will cover the current state of affairs and the progression of our plans to combat the current threats.



Staff member
Tekren read over the declaration in his small tent, having picked up a copy from the city while he was in town. He perked a brow a moment, reading over its contents.

"Seems as if it was a wonderful idea to throw support behind this orc, even if I did lose my job."

He then smiled, placing the copy in the fire in front of him.


New member
Varus reads the declaration from his place deep within town remaining unseen, smiling softly for the first time in many a day. This will be intriguing to watch from the shadows...