A problem that bothers many


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With this post, I'd like to bring the staff team's attention to a huge detail that is hindering the roleplay experience of many: The vanilla Minecraft health & food mechanics.

The reasons:
  1. Like I already pointed out, this is a Roleplay server. There's no RP whatsoever in falling off a cliff, jumping into fires, because all of those are OOC actions. Therefore, it makes no sense that you can be hurt by such. Even then, dying, or getting harmed ICly shouldn't affect how your OOC avatar with which you traverse the world is affected.
  2. Hunger doesn't make sense either. We get as hungry as a normal Minecraft Steve does. Our hunger meter is not related in any way to our characters' actual IC circumstances. It's an OOC mechanic impacting our avatar's abilities- which shouldn't be happening.
  3. Currently, the only ways to acquire food are to either make a Custom Item Application, or to get berries in the wild. Both present their own flaws: asking for a Custom Item not only takes a lot of time (yours and the DM's), but chances are all you'll get is at best 10 loaves of bread, not enough to feed anyone for more than 10 minutes. On the other hand, berries not only are extremely inefficient as a food source (only regenerates 1 hunger drumstick and has a pretty bad saturation), but getting them is a completely mundane and OOC process which will more often than not end in you being harmed by the plants themselves (making it so you need straight off the bat to dispose of dozens of berries to heal yourself), the recollection being a pointless chore all along.
The solution:
Set the food bar at a fixed max. drumsticks, remove fall damage and other types of damage.


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While I agree with you on the matter of damage taking. I do not believe the server should remove the hunger system- which I am slightly biased in regard to as I intend to profit from the fact people need food, which isn’t really a thing on other servers. It’s a niche bit of role play market that requires players as we can’t really sell to npcs. Instead of outright banning hunger it would be preferable to have a custom system regarding food and saturation- which if I recall is something Waymaker was interested in and or planning. It gives something unique to the server, allows for that more nuanced roleplay thats kinda needed to survive and puts other things in the economy besides “mmm c o m b a t”


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I want to preface my response by thanking you to go out of your way to compose legitimate feedback and suggestions on our forums. We are here to make a fun roleplay experience, and if people are not enjoying their experience here, it's something we want to look into with a positive mindset.

You make good points! We may have not been completely transparent on our roadmap of features we want to include, and I apologize for it. We will be working on giving a development roadmap soon.

I do not think removing environmental damage is necessary, as it adds an element of realism to the roleplay environment. As I'd break my legs likely falling more than a dozen meters, I do not think fire damage, drowning, or fall damage is something we need to immediately address. In the future we'd like to integrate this more with character plugins, where perhaps Dah'jin have a resistance or immunity to fire to give a better feel of immersion in the roleplay world. But the complaint is valid, and we try to ensure the architecture in cities we plan include environments which are beneficial to roleplay scenes, while not being hazardous on a mechanical level that may harm the overall experience.

I wholeheartedly agree with your point in regard to hunger however. We have been very much so focused on creating overarching plans for plugin and system integrations, and among them was a cooking and farming system which would allow players to seamlessly harvest ingredients and cook them into food items which would hold saturation far longer than normal MC to help push forward the roleplay economy, and legitimize cooks as a viable profession with a tangible benefit in the server.

This however has not solved the short term issue, in which while there is a bread merchant NPC in the fair grounds across the river, its position leads many people to miss it unless directed to or by chance wandering, and its prices for bread lead players to resort to the less expensive option of picking free berries along the city. This is something inherited from previous ownership, and I recognize this problem to be a detriment to the roleplay experience. We have recently noted staff members opting to roleplay in Creative mode. This is something we internally handle and put a stop to actively, but the fact it has happened goes to show the fault in the current "hunger economy".

It has come to a fairly unanimous opinion the current hunger economy is poor, though we do not want to punish cook roleplayers by making their efforts redundant. We will move soon in pausing or removing the hunger mechanic until we have finished creating a sufficient system that will allow players to engage in meaningful ways to receive food items with custom saturations and hunger replenishments more fitting for a roleplay sphere than what Minecraft's hunger bar is meant for.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply in this thread, or reach out to me on Discord! Thank you for letting us know how we can better help your experience here at Waymaker.