A prickled future in ever-growing peril


I lost my fucks, can you help me find them?
To those who do not know who I am. I am Vor'nir Darkstrider, and I come to warn and propose something towards the future, to fix what has been destroyed.

Ankathia has stated she has wanted to become mayor after Tangata's downfall, being one of the reasons Tangata was even seen as a criminal in the first place, urging him to attack her by belittling him and telling him to attack her in a attempt to enrage him. Ankathia has done nothing but destroy the city, and make it worse even since my arrival. When I first arrived, she and Fe'ha took me in, but now as I have lived here, I can tell the dangers of her proposal to want to be mayor, and I elect to challenge this.

Of this day, I am putting forward my desire to challenge the naïve girl and wanting to become mayor once elections start. That, is when I will put my official declaration in.

Our first priority is to stop the court, not have them taunted into destroying us all. I will be looking to pick my advisors for the eventual election, and will have talk with those I wish to help represent me, all I ask is we open our eyes to the destruction caused, and not hide behind blinding naivety.

*Signed at the bottom was Vor'nir's signature*


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Attached would be another notice below it.
"To the Aid'en Vor'nir, was it not you who yesterday laughed at my pain whilst I was attacked by cupidity? was it not you who tried to issue diplomacy with such an entity by being gleeful to meet his other friends, you seemed to be in good spirits enough despite your condition to want to befriend such a creation. You and your little new friend group have further thrusted this city into chaos by inviting a demon of greed into our town and continue to feed its wishes by carrying out its orders.

The names listed below are all those involved with the demon known as Cupidity
Vor'nir, Frog, Ter'le, Moshu, Nikati, Sebastian

Let it be known that Moshu would rather side with a demon than to absolve the issue, she has spoken to me yesterday and told me that he offers more under his care than the town can offer. She is the reason for all of this. Her claim that befriending the demon was done out of hope that she could have the power to save the town has only worsened the condition of it.

Let it be known that Vor'nir would rather laugh at a citizen in pain than be the one to aid in diluting the conflict. He would rather let others suffer than for him to get his hands dirty. He is no mayor, he is nothing more than a criminal by association."
- Signed Ankathia.



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Attached would be another notice below.

To the self-proclaimed diplomat Vor'nir, while reading the note signed and written by my kin under your notice, you have only proven yourself to be a snake. As you have said yourself, she and Fe'ha had offered your safety in our grove, and now you repay the kindness by kissing the boots of a lesser demon for the promise of salvation. The only moral ground you have against Ankathia other than the vague point of 'Ankathia doing nothing but destroy the city" is only telling of your ugly personality. I feel as if you are too busy pointing out her flaws than acknowledging her selflessness; I didn't see you trudging into a burning building to save a stranger or sacrificing your way of life to appease those who'd cause you pain. If you think her selfless nature is naive, then I'd dread the day you gain any political power. On the note of you putting yourself forward to become mayor, what is it that you'll do once you handle the court? Even the point of stopping the court isn't your own words, and instead, you are regurgitating the concerns of those you'd help harm along with your criminal friend group. If you genuinely believe the court is an issue, then formally calling out a woman who has done nothing but try and defend this town should be the least of your worries.
So I write this to you now, you are just as underqualified to be mayor as you claim Ankathia to be; instead of slandering an innocent woman who has done nothing but shows you kindness, focus on the goal you stated. Show us that you mean it when you tell us you wish to stop the court instead of just writing it down on a piece of parchment and posting it on a wooden board. Until then, you will never be a true leader."
- Signed Qui'en


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Scribbled onto a small piece of parchment fixed to the bottom of Ankathia's notice was another message, the penmanship appeared neat.

"Do not make assumptions of things you don't know the full story of, I do not associate with Cupidity. I do not wish to make enemies with you or any of the people of this town. I had only come along with their group to stop a threat against us all, though if I shall be grouped with people who have betrayed my trust, so be it. Te'rle may have displeased you with his actions, but keep in mind that perhaps instead of taunting forces that could bring us harm it would be better to avoid conflict, like he had planned to do, or at least that is my impression of it. I am not a friend of cupidity, he has done nothing to me but give a sense of unease.

Ankathia, I understand your anger, I even agree with some of it, but please, you of all people should know that sparking further conflict between others is a bad idea. Do not give people who seek to turn people against each other the time of day. I regret furthering Cupidity's gain, but I do not regret helping to extinguish a threat to the entirety of Hopes Landing. I wish to remain on good terms with you and the rest of the people of Hopes Landing, and I apologize if my tone doesn't come through the way I intend it to in this message. If you wish to speak with me, we can arrange to meet peacefully, but please do not accuse me of wrongdoings, and please do not accuse Te'rle of ill intent.

Signed, Frog."