A Message From The Sacred Sages


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On a cheap piece of parchment, written in green ink, with bold, passionate letters - the following was proclaimed:

Sephyrran do not torture souls. Without the gardens, we cannot survive, as our bodies will not heal by mundane or arcane means.
Moving on, I theorize you, the man who burned Ankthia’s garden, were fooled by this ‘Jester’ entity. This also applies to many others. It’s trying to turn us against one another via complex illusions. Spawn paranoia and mass hysteria in its wake. Do not feed the Midnight Court’s whims.
We will not retaliate against you, nor intentionally try to provoke. However, heed this warning. If you strike us first, we will rain upon you the full force of nature.
Let us try to be friends, and understand one another, than be ignorant enemies.

- Fe’ha, Sacred Sage of Prevalence
- Supported by The Sacred Sage of Protection and The Sacred Sage of Knowledge
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Attached to the parchment would also read a second message
"As self appointed sage of protection I say this, I will always protect. I need not say more because to those of you who have witnessed my bravery these last few days know I am committed to ensuring everyone makes it out alive unlike some of you who do not share the same morals as I. I offer my hand in these times of need, I offer my undevoted attention should it be required. But know this. I will not allow for the slander of my race to continue. Heed my warning. I am complicit with what was told to me by the paladin and her companions, but when forced into a corner I will fight back if necessary."
- Ankathia, Scared Sage of Protection.

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On a clean ripped parchment this message was added

As the self-appointed Sacred Sage of Knowledge, I stand by my friends who were wronged. Our group is here for protection, Protection of mind, body, and state of all on this island. Even though some might want to do us harm we are here to assist not harm. We thank you for listening to our complaints we will continue to assist in any way we can.
Sebastian, Sacred Sage of Knowledge.