A Message from Tangata


Hotty Plutocrat

It is with my deepest regrets I must inform the people of a mistake I've made in the past few hours.
I've committed a crime against one of our peoples, striking down Ankathia of the rebellious group known as the 'sages' after she'd sent a flurry of threats my way. It is fast actions such as this that have saved my life and the lives of others many time in the past. But I fear it may have taken a large portion of this woman's away. While I an certain she will survive, it does not make my hasty defensive action any less unjustified. I will officially be paying the fines announced by the watchmen's penal codes later today. My deepest condolences to those effected by this.​


ˢᵗᵃʳ ᶜʰᶤˡᵈ ✰
Ceridwen stared at the notice, her fingers red raw from how hard she had been scrubbing her floors in order to erase the blood left behind by Ankathia. She swallowed a hard lump that had formed in her throat, a trembling hand raising to wipe away a tear. She had spent hours scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing, and somehow the blood still remained. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the words written by Tangata. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt at all.


Psyduck Lover
Stared towards the notice with sorrow stained across her face. Her eyelids remained littered with a layer of tears as if she were about to cry. If not for the quick actions of Vor'nir the Sephrynn would have surely bled out across the floor. As she continued to read the notice it seemed the once blooming flower did indeed begin to wilt. She had given up, much of her hope for the future began to dwindle as she sat in empty silence. Ankthia was tired of the battle, the bickering and the constant conflict. A vow of silence soon ensued as she no longer wished to drive anyone to resort to such actions. Having had her magic cancelled leaving her defenseless, the Sephrynn thought it best to avoid the orc at all costs now.


I lost my fucks, can you help me find them?
Vor'nir looked towards the notice on his way back to the winery where he planned to check in on Ceridwen. He read it once, read it twice and before reading it a third time, he continued onwards towards his destination. He had heard plenty about the Orc over his few days of being here, and would not falter in still keeping his opinion as it was.


Wicked Witch of the Midwest
A certain Sephyrran regarded the notice with a squint, a look of confusion overtaking their facial features. They'd run their fingers through their curly locks of pastel green, before commenting,
"He says he'll pay the fines and otherwise face justice for his crimes, then goes on to flee the town, and threaten to kill anybody who tries to capture him? I see my words the other night held nothing within his soul."


Kinda Kooky
Gin bit her cheek sourly as she trudged back through Hopes Landing, giving the old notice she'd read earlier that same day a nasty glare, exhaling a haughty scoff. Her entire body ached from neck to toe, feeling as if she was stepping on needles with each tired step she took. Her clothing was still damp, and her hair curled wildly as if it were air dried, all results from swimming through bodies of water. Waving farewell to Rhyder, whom she accompanied back from the first search, she bitterly glares at the now abandoned lighthouse as she drags herself home.

"We'll find you the next time, so be it."