A Harvest Festival


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Darroway's First Annual Harvest Festival
As the days grow longer and the fields turn to golden hues, the time for celebration comes to us all. To herald the success and safe return of those who embarked to Fletchersburg, as well as another year surviving the harshness of Darroway, local denizens of Hope's Landing prepared Darroway's First Annual Harvest Festival. All are welcomed to rejoice in the bounty of the year's work on...
[Saturday, the 21st of August] through [Sunday, the 22nd of August]

The hosted activities can be found below, hosted throughout the days:
✧ Drinking Contest [Hosted both nights at 6pm EST]
✧ Spicy Wing Contest [Hosted both nights at 2pm]
✧ A Dunk Tank
✧ Canteen Pop
✧ Roughstock Riding

[A healer will be on standby]

✧ And more!

Prizes will be available for those who attend and play the games, as well as free food and drink.
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