A Dire Warning and Suggestion



We are at war, and crimes against our own are treason; collaboration with the enemy.

Because this concept seems so foreign to many of our number, I will explain.

We are a small handful of people on an abandoned and cursed island that no one else dares sail to. We are besieged by the Midnight Court at every hour of every day. The Midnight Court claims more of our city on every occasion that conflict and violence breaks out, rendering buildings hopelessly corrupted and infested with hordes of undead. People have died.

There is no-one coming to save us. We are the proverbial cavalry.

In this darkest hour, we have thieves and cutthroats in our midst, petty and violent criminals who have attacked our healers and stolen our precious medical supplies. They see all of us as exploitable, meaningless, unworthy of security or health. Why else would they shed our blood and steal supplies that we cannot easily replace?

They are traitors. We are wounded, we need every available hand, we need to be able to trust and rely upon one another, and they spit in our eyes, twist a second knife into our guts, and rob us blind.

We are hanging from a ledge, and they are stomping our fingers.

They are traitors.

The punishment for treason on the battlefield is summary execution. There is no trial.

The Midnight Court is taking our town. Hope's Landing is the battlefield.

I am not a guard, I have no force of law behind me, but I warn any criminals of Hope's Landing:

Your actions have consequences. Do not expect a trial from an angry mob. Surrender to the guard, instead, who are bound to follow the law and delivery a less summary judgement.

If you do not, even the Midnight Court will not come quickly enough to save you.

- Sir Gaillart Godefroy

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Sebastian would read over the claims set against his friends in the nightshade bar. Grumbling through every word he spoke

"This is awful, horrible. These crimes gathered only equate to a few fines and some jail time! They even turned themselves in! Whoever calls for the execution does not genuinely care about the law, what does he plan to accomplish like this? This city has laws for a reason and what they did goes against the legal system we set in place. If the guard throws away the law at the drop of a hat anarchy will fall. And it will fall fast. If Moshu or Nikati get executed this will be war. And not just on the guard. I will personally deliver explosives to the town hall and winery If they want anarchy with their actions.. They will get it.

Sebastian would file away the notice away with the darrowshine cocktails he took from Tangats home. Prepared to rain fire. But until then? It is time to open up the bar and keep a fake smile.

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